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No longer in country!    
My mum ordered her dress from this shop early last year, they were really pleasant and friendly. We found out in August they were moving to Hemel town, so went to see them to find out about her wedding dress. They assured us they would be open in the new shop in roughly 2-3 weeks. This was a lie! January this year my mum still couldn't get hold of them and was very worried as her wedding is in May and she needed her dress, she had also paid the deposit.About a month later she contacted another wedding shop in Hemel and as her dress was an Alfred Angelo she managed to get her dress from this other shop.She also found out they didnt take the deposit so she wasn't left short moneywise. We just recently found out the owner of the shop has apparently moved to Australia!!My mum was lucky, but so many other brides are now left without a dress or the money used for buying it. Its not right!
Sharon Litherland - 08/03/2010
concern and stress!!!    
I found my dream dress in a magazie and the nearest stockist was Amelie Rose Bridal, for me it was a long way to go as im based in Essex!! They were very nice when i first went in Jan 09 and found my dress, i paid a deposit and was happy with the service. I went back in Aug 09 to try my dress on again and was told to order my dress as it would take 4-5 months to get in, i went away happy that it was all sorted and done. I rang mid Sept 09 just to make sure it was all ordered and i was told that i would get a phone call end of Dec 09 begining Jan 10 to say my dress was in..............i am still waiting for the phone call, i have rang the shop number i have many times and it says it is not being recognised! I dont know where my dress is and wether i am goiong to recieve it!
They told me the shop was going to move but i have been told that is shut down after one month and the shopping cant get in touch with them either.
Suzanne - 02/01/2010
wouldnt recommend it for a stress free time!    
I loved this shop when I first went in looking and chose my dress and my bm dress. I paid in full but felt as soon as I paid that they were no longer interested once they had the money. They messed me around with my shoes and my dresses came in late, they also sent me home with my dress in a black bin liner as they had run out of bags.
I did not feel special.

I have also now been trying to contact them for 2 weeks and they have not responded
mrs perry - 14/10/2009
Excellent Service !!!!!!!!    
I would like to say that I have no complaints about the shop at all!!! My dress came in on time within the 4/5 month as the girls told me. I ordered my dress in Mar09 and received it Jul. The service I received was very friendly and very professional. I have recommended to shop to other brides and they have also had excellent service from the girls. I also paid by cash as I am aware that most companies DO NOT EXCEPT CHEQUES!! this was no problem. I read the other review and had to say that I disagree as I had no problems at all and I will go on recomend Amelie Rose Bridals in future.
Leigh Hastings - 27/08/2009
Worst bridal shop ever?    
I went to Amelie Rose Bridal in April 2009 to get my bridesmaids dresses. The service was bad from start to finish. I had to ask someone to come over and measure my bridesmaid and they couldn't offer any advice on alterations. I bought the dresses paying a 50% deposit by card, the dresses turned up two weeks ago - I had to call the shop to check if the dresses were in as they didn't call me as they promised and worse still they said I had to come in and pay cash for the rest, if I didn't pay cash, they told me that I wouldn't get my dreses! When I asked why they wouldn't accept cheque they got defensive saying lots of people don't take cheque - some banks don't take cheque anymore! I got put through to the manager because I was asking for the contact number for Alfred Angelo as I wanted to speak to them and the manger repeated that they won't take cheque, said we were going round in circles and hung up on me!! I had no option but to go in and pay cash but I'm totally disgusted which is why I am writing this review and if there was the option of no stars I would have rated the shop nil.

The service my bridesmaid had wasn't any better. She tried buying shoes from them, she went in to order shoes she had seen on the webiste they said it would be two weeks for delivery to the shop but she never got a call. When she rang them they never placed the order and weren't apologetic, so two weeks were wasted - this matters as my wedding is in six weeks - September 11th and if she likes the shoes they also need to be sent back to be dyed. When she called Amelie Rose Bridal she frequently got answerphone and they never called her back, she chased up the order several times and was always told the shoes were not in with no indication of when they would be. She gave up and went to a shop in Luton and they arrived 2 days later and the staff were really helpful.

Buy your dresses here at your peril!
Helen Evans - 08/08/2009
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