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Address: A Day To Remember
  Plymouth Road, Crabtree
  PL2 6RL
Tel: 01752 214040
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So happy I went here!    
After reading the reviews I was very reluctant to go into a day to remember but I am so glad I did! The shop is spacious and the gowns are hung with lots of space between so you can have a proper look at them. When trying on dresses they have a 180 degrees mirror so you can see yourself from almost every angle, something that I had not seen in any other shop. The staff were friendly and straight away made me feel happy that I went there. I was asked what I was looking for and my budget, which again I liked as there is nothing worse than trying on a dress to be told it is over your budget! I tried on 5 dresses but I knew as soon as I tried the first one it was the one I wanted and I bought it!

I cannot thank the staff enough there, we very lucky as we managed to go in without an appointment. It was refreshing as well to have someone give me honest opinions than try and sell me something that I didn't like. There were no pushy sales tactics, I was made to feel inadequate and I was so happy they got me into a dress that doesn't need any alterations!!

I would thoroughly recommend going here if you are looking for honesty, friendliness, a wide selection of dresses, proper help with choosing a dress and an overall sense of ease and enjoyment of the job.
Faye - 09/06/2013
Just another person    
I went to this establishment and was made to feel very much like they couldn't care less. I was rushed in and out of every dress without giving me time to have a look / opinion by myslef.

I was then told that I had just five minutes until she had an appointment and she left to attend them without asking my thoughts on any of the dresses. (I was there for less than an hour so some prior warning would have been nice.) I have been to several other outlets and this was by the worst experience out of the lot. I would not buy or attend this place again out of principle.

I left feeling deflated, future brides beware!
Huge dissapointment!!
Kirstin - 19/08/2012
Not great    
I have bought my wedding dress from this shop. When I was initially choosing my dress they were helpful and friendly. However,since buying the dress I have found them extremely unhelpful, rude, and have been made to feel that I am wasting their time. I have heard that they apparently work on commission, hence the friendly service to begin with, and the distinct lack of help thereafter. I am so upset by the service, I am not even wating to have my alterations with them, I am going to another wedding dress shop to have them done, where I will actually be made to feel how I should feel approaching my wedding.

I would strongly advise against using this shop.
S Walker - 19/07/2011
Worst experience ever    
I went in with such high expectations and came out feeling so low - I felt uncomfortable at being watched, felt pushed into making a decision and would not step foot in this establishment again
Jane - 11/08/2010
Pushy & Rude!!    
This was the first wedding dress shop i went to and it really disheartened me. The staff were rude, ignorant and pushy! Tried to sell me the first dress i tried on. They then kept calling to say i hadnt been back but i seemed to like the dress. I did like the dress but out of principle i would not buy from here!
I have since spoke to 2 of my friends who said exactly the same.
Brides to be beware as this shop and staff will put you off!!
Jess - 07/08/2010
Great service    
I received excellent service from the ladies in this shop, they picked a beautiful dress out for me that i would of not even considered, and even better it was in the sale!
Overall great service, friendly staff and excellent choice.
Amy Perkins - 26/04/2009
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