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Address: Glamourous Gowns
  104a Peabody Road
  GU14 6DY
Tel: 01252 517555
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fabulous bridesmaid dresses    
Great service, Alex was very friendly and she listened to what I wanted then showed me the perfect dresses. No messing around!

The dresses were beautiful, I can't fault them or the service I received.
JuliaMB - 06/02/2014
Glamorous Clowns    
We used this shop to purchase 2 bridesmaids dresses and from the price was expecting high quality and good customer service.
Both bridesmaids were measured on the first visit and we were advised what sizes to order. After placing our order we were advised the dresses would take 3 months to arrive and we would be contacted near the time.
We received an email advising the dresses were ready a few months later and were instructed to pay online the outstanding balance for the dresses to be dispatched.
At this stage we hadn't seen the dresses and were somewhat surprised to see we had to pay in full to receive them. However we did as asked and the dresses were posted a few days later.
When the bridesmaids came to try on their dresses, one of them was far too tight and did not do up. We went straight back to the store where we were met with a very hostile reception.
There were other people trying on dresses in the store and once we explained to the owner why we were there, she made it quite apparent that she did not want the conversation being overheard by prospective customers. The bridesmaid was asked to try the dress on and was subsequently pulled and tugged around to force the zip up on the dress. We had to ask the owner to stop being so forceful with the dress and she responded by rolling her eyes and tutting. The owner then said "Well it does up" but the poor bridesmaid could barely breathe!!
We said we didn't think the bridesmaid had been measured correctly in the first place or the correct dress size recommended. The owner refused to admit there was a problem, but when we persisted she reluctantly agreed to make alterations to the dress by adjusting the zip. (which we have since been told by a professional that altering the zip on a dress is the worst thing you can do!)We were told to come and collect the dress a week later.
When we were given the dress we were horrified. The bottom of the zip was hanging out of the dress and below that the fabric was fraying and where it had been sown back together was completely out of alignment. The owner had completely butchered an expensive dress, something you would not expect from a so called "Professional". She even had the cheek to try and charge us for this alteration.
We made it clear we NOT impressed, she agreed to try and rectify what she had done.
A week later we returned to pick up the dress and when we walked in the owner kept her back to us and pointed to the dress and said "its there".... fantastic customer service from someone who is so very in the wrong!
The dress was still an absolute mess, you should note mean while the owner sat amending a bridal dress whilst we inspected our dress. We pity the girl who's dress that was and hope the owner did ruin it was much as she did ours!
In the end we had to pay a real professional to fix the damage.. even more expense which we didn't expect paying the price we did.
We would recommend people think twice before parting with any money for dresses from this shop.....absolute disgrace.
Summer77 - 22/06/2013
Lovely shop with a lovely lady!    
Alex of Glamourous Gowns is a very helpful lady. She was very patient with my indecisivness and was able to help me find the perfect dresses for myself and my bridesmaids. We were allowed to try certain styles on more than once, and she demonstrated what our colours would look like on completely different dresses.

Highly recommended.
Charlie - 19/12/2008
Highly Recommended!!!    
The staff in this shop were very patient and sent me loads of swatches etc.

BEFORE my appointment. I was visited in my home with samples which I found really relaxing, and you knew you had all their attention. PLUS the dresses were much cheaper than the shops I'd been too!

Dress was perfect on the day, all alterations had been done perfectly and I did feel like a princess
Wedding Dress shopper - 01/11/2008
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