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Terrible !     
Cheaper is not always better!!!
I ordered 4 bridesmaid dresses not having done very good research I was sucked in and excited to get them
Nearly $1000 worth of dresses that they advertise but do not do business with! What a crock ! Do not advertise things u cannot supply and better yet do not wait until u have received the total amount b4 informing me that u don't!
I did not want to "look at your other stockists" or I would have ordered with them in the beginning.
Loads of unanswered emails and phone calls THANKGOD I
Paid thru PayPal! PayPal back u all the way and ensure you get ur money back!
Don't bother with them or if u do USE PAYPAL!!!
Sarah - 17/01/2014
Don't buy from HoB    
I ordered my bridesmaid dresses through HoB 9 months before my wedding. After hearing about all the bad reviews regarding delivery time informed them that the date of our wedding was 1 month earlier than it actually was.

I received no update on my order for 5 months and then decided to make contact with them by email and got no response for some time. 2 weeks before the wedding date given my dresses had still not arrived in the US from China despite paying in full 8 months previously. It took 6 emails and finally 2 'webchats' to discover that the dresses were due to arrive the day before my wedding- apparently they felt that this was acceptable!

It took a further 5 phone calls, multiple online messenging and threaten of legal action for them to refund the cost of the dresses. The staff were so rudethroughout the battle. Don't buy from them unless you feel the risk waiting of to the last minute is worth it.

K Kanga - 16/08/2013
Don't go there     
We ordered 4 bridesmaid dresses in February for the wedding at end of July. Paid through PayPal thankfully .
Heard nothing for 2 months so contacted them again, they said they would be ready by 19th may. That time passed then they said they could not make them.!
Fortunately I got refunded as I had used PayPal but they had money from February !
Panicking by now we eventually bought dresses from Coast which were perfect!!
julie - 11/08/2013
only put 1 as i had too - literally could have ruined my wedding. Took my money in October for my bridesmaids dresses when chasing them up 14 weeks later was told by email they no longer do business with the wholesaler. Was a nightmare trying to get hold of someone and I thought Americans were great at customer care, they didn't care how they had treated me and spoke to me like rubbish. I was refunded money but I lost 20 in the exchange rate. would never recommend.....getting stuff cheaper is not always better!!!!!
lisa - 13/02/2013
Wrong size!    
I totally missed this review when I was deciding whether to risk ordering with them or not but really wish I hadn't! After spending about 600 for 4 bridesmaid dresses, hardly cheaper than in a bridal shop really by the time I paid customs duty, tax etc. Had no problems really with delivery- took a bit longer than expected but thats to be expected. However, they have completely messed up on one of the dresses. A size 20 that I ordered with plenty of room to be taken in etc, came wrongly labelled up by them and the Dessy label clearly said it was a 12!! Obviously no way at all it can be altered enought to fit my bridesmaid! So I have 3 matching dresses and no time to reorder another one. I've called America twice and apparantly need to speak to another department, who they assured would call but haven't. I fortunately found a completely different style on ebay but the same colour but HouseofBrides have been absolutely useless and I've no idea whats going to happen. Terrible company!!
jo - 07/11/2011
I have ordered 3 bridesmaids dresses and were told that they would be here in 13 weeks, it is now 13 weeks and still no delivery. I have rang them and they said that I should receive them in another 5/6 weeks. I have explained that this is not leaving me enough time to get them altered before the wedding, this apparently is 'not their problem'. I have asked for a refund and the only way that I will get it is if they aren't delivered in time for my wedding day, stupid or what. I wouldnt recommend this site to anybody. They don't respond to emails or they dont ring you back when they say that they will. I now have to go and look for other dresses and spend more money. Dont buy off here its not worth it.
Nicola - 11/05/2011
saved me 220 pound    
I ordered 4 Alfred Angelo dresses from House of Brides. They took about 3 months to arrive but I expected this. I found the service to be fine, they did respond to my e-mails. After paying the delivery and import duties they still worked out about 52 pound cheaper per dress than buying them in the UK
Steph - 09/01/2011
House of Brides review    
I found a dress online I loved by neither of my local suppliers had it. The UK online price was 760 but House of Brides had it to order ($720) or 'off the peg' for equivalent 355. I took a bit of a risk and ordered it, because I had ready some bad reviews. However, the dress was dispatched in about 7 days and I received it in about 3 weeks from ordering. No problems with it, although it is a bit on the large side, but I was expecting to require alterations.

The only criticism is that I think they could supply a bit more information on their emails, and also make information about import duty/VAT a bit more explicit. I expected to pay these but only after trawling through review sites prior to purchase. So all in all I am glad I took the risk!
Amy - 30/10/2010
I ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses in February 2010 and was told they would arrive in 8 weeks time, its august 3rd today and I have just found out that before i can be sent the dresses I have to pay 96 Pounds or they will be returned to house of brides, there is no mention of this on the website at all and the customer service is absolutely dreadful, really rude and "not my problem" seems to be the company mantra. I wish I had paid extra and gone elsewhere.
kirsty clifford - 03/08/2010
Don't use House of Brides - thief    
House of Brides are thiefs, they took my money and couldn't fulfill the order, said they were going to reimburse (2 month ago!) but I am still waiting after my money.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, you won't get your dress, or your money back, they steal!!!!
bwjuliet - 09/05/2010
Can't deliver but won't refund!!    
I ordered a bridesmaid dress from House of Brides on 28th Feb 2010. I heard nothing from them after placing the order until 11th March when they sent me an email to say that they would not be able to deliver the dress in time for my wedding and would refund me the money.

Well, it's now 21st April, nearly 2 months since I placed my order and I have still had no refund. I have emailed them countless times and tried to talk to someone online but no-one ever replies. I had one reply to say my refund was with the accounting team and would be done shortly. That was on 11th April! I think we have different ideas of what shortly means!

House of Brides rarely reply to emails, when they do they are one sentence long and give minimal information.

I would most definitely NOT recommend House of Brides to anyone. A company that holds onto your money 6 weeks after they have told you they won't be able to deliver the goods clearly has a bigger interest in money than customer service.

No bride should have to go through this stress while trying to organise their wedding. Please please please don't put yourself through this.
Maddi - 21/04/2010
Not all bad    
I saw so many reviews for this company on the wedding forums and they seemed quite negative.
I had fallen in love with a Alfred Angelo dress and it was on this site for half the price.
I was aware of the delay in getting it to me, the customs charges and the problems some had received but decided to take the gamble to get the dress of my dreams. I tried it on in my local bridal shop to get the sizing right and make sure I was completely happy with it and then placed the order.
I received it well packed within 2 months and didn't occur any extra charges.
SO so happy and glad I took a chance
Ring on my finger Suzie - 08/02/2009
Don't use House of Brides (USA)    
Hi, i have bought 3 bridesmaid dresses from House of Brides and they have been RUBBISH!!!!!!!

I experienced loads of problems. Ordered in October, still no notification of delivery in December. I emailed them loads of times and they never replied. I then telephoned them and was on hold for 20 minutes, then she said she would email me with details. No email followed and it cost me almost 10 for the call. I rang them again a couple of weeks later and got the same thing and guess what, no email and more expense on calls (another 8). I then decided to file a dispute with Paypal but it was too late (more than 60 days since i placed the order) however they did forward my
complaint to House of Brides. Suprise, suprise, the very next day i got an email telling me the dresses were ready for delivery. I have today received a letter from parcel force asking for 106 in import and vat fees.

It seems like you are getting the dresses for a cheap price but once you take delivery/shipping costs and the import fees and Vat into account i have paid more than they would have cost in the UK and received really bad customer care!

I would not even reccomend this company to my worst nightmare.

I am still awaiting deliver of the free shoes but i don't know if they will ever arrive and i had better not have to pay more import fee's etc on them.
Aimee - 04/02/2009
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