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Efficient but...    
I ordered my flowergirl dresses from Anne's Bridal Room. They had a great selection of flowergirl dresses- proper little girl dresses as opposed to miniature teenager dresses. I ordered 2 beautiful dresses for my flowergirls and they went in to be measured for them a couple of months before the wedding. I was told that each dress would sit 10cm from the floor and that there would be room to grow. Three days before the wedding I picked the dresses up. I had one flowergirl with me (the other lives abroad). She tried the dress on and it looked beautiful. However, when the other child tried her dress on the next day it was far too small. The buttons at the back were about 2 inches apart! The next day (the day before the wedding) we rushed down to Anne's Bridal to show them that the dress didn't fit and I was very upset at their response. I was told that this child had grown significantly in the 2 months since she was measured by about 3 inches around her middle and at least 2 inches in height. When her father pointed out that she hadn't grown out of her everyday clothing we were told that this was because jeans are stretchy and so her parents would not have noticed this difference. I pointed out that both flowergirls were the same height as each other when they were originally measured and that they were still the same height now- I was told that both girls had significantly grown but one of them had grown outwards as well as upwards (the child is built like a stick insect!) which is why the dress didn't fit. When I pointed out, that despite them both (according to Anne's Bridal) having grown 2 inches plus in 2 months, their dresses still sat 10 cms from the floor like I was originally told they would, the lady got all flustered and had no response. Thankfully they managed to arrange for the seamstress to sort out the dress so that it could be worn the next day but it was a huge stress that I really did not need the day before the wedding. I understand that measuring mistakes can happen and if they had held their hands up and admitted their mistake then I would not be on here now. However, when it is obviously a mistake on their part and all these lame excuses are wheeled out then it does grate. It is a shame that they felt the needed to lie and try and force the blame away from themselves but I am greatful that they managed to sort the issue out quickly.
Rosie - 12/03/2012
Fabulous service, beautiful shop.    
I bought my dress from Ann in August they are so lovely in their and listen to everything you are saying and then find a way of making it happen. Ann herself is especially nice and is very easy to talk to, she puts you at ease instantly. My dress has just arrived and I will be using their recommended seamstress even though there is no pressure for you to do so, they will hold on to your dress till your appointment and then take it to them and bring it back, collection is then made from them a few days before your wedding. would highly recommend a visit.
Jo - 02/12/2009
Very good and lovely friendly staff    
I ordered my wedding dress from Anne's in October. They kept me informed throughout the process and let me know when it had arrived. When I went for my first fitting, they were so friendly and sweet, considering they spend all day with brides gushing about their dresses.

The service they offer is excellent. They take the dress to and from the dressmaker and then hold it until a couple of days before your wedding. I can't fault their service at all.
Teresa La Thangue - 07/02/2009
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