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Address: Daisy Bridal
  Main Precinct, Boscombe
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So unprofessional...    
This has to be the most awful shop ever. I bought my dress in a 'sample sale' which I later found out was a closing down sale. The dress was raw silk and the shop sold me a bag to keep the dress in until my wedding next may. The bag has caused my dress to sweat and turn yellow and they could not care less. I tried to contact the shop...eventually sent a letter to state that I want a refund as their bag has caused the discolouration of my dress and have had no reply. I will now we taking them to trading standards. The dry cleaner who is currently trying to save my dress says that the dress is not a sample but second hand and therefore daisy bridal are quite honestly the most unprofessional, dishonest people I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.
Joanna Hawkes - 06/01/2014
Do not buy you dress from this shop!!    
When I first when into the shop they were really helpful and I found a lovely dress. I ordered it in march and paid for half of the dress. I was told I could come back Nov time to have the fittings..... But November came and I heard nothing, I phoned them and it took me over a week to get hold of them, I left answer phone messages and even poped to the shop but as it was a Saturday I was told they couldn't give me an update and someone would call me back. Eventually they did. I was told my dress still wasn't in, but not to worry they would call me when it was in. With 4 weeks till the wedding I still had no dress, I tried to call them and had the same issue no answer or no one calling me back. Again I went down to the shop which was shut and all sample dresses had sale tags. 2 weeks before the wedding and I still couldn't get hold of them, I contacted the designer directly who said they couldn't get hold of the shop either so they would deal with me and promised to get me my dress. Then they got hold if Daisy and the owner called me. I had to go to her house to pick up my dress. This caused me so much stress and when I picked up my dress she didn't even apologize. I don't think this shop will be around much longer, but if it is then DO NOT by your dress from here!
. - 12/12/2013
Fantastic service and perfect alterations    
I can't fault the experience at daisy bridal. Staff were helpful and full of great advice. Leanna did my alterations and I was extremely happy with the outcome. Being a seamstress myself I do have high standards!! I am shocked at reviews on here and can't help but think some people like to moan!!! I will recommend this shop to others as I had such a fantastic service. Thank you Leanna for all you have done as you went above and beyond to accommodate my needs.
Katherina Lewis - 28/08/2013
great :-)    
ordered my dress last June arrived by xmas, visited plenty of other local shops but my experience was at its best at daisys was served by a lady called vicky who really helped me with choosing the right shape etc for me, couldn't fault the shop and thankfully for me is was a stress free experience.
Maelle - 03/07/2013
Never go there - please read    
After driving past Daisy Bridal on numerous occasions it seemed like the perfect shop to purchase my bridal dress. On my first visit i was really pleased with service and ended up paying in full for my bridal dress, I was told it would take 5 months to arrive. No problem as I married a year later. Second visit for fitting ok, third visit terrible, Leanna who runs the business was rude and almost made me cry and I left feeling anxious regarding the alterations. I didn't realise that she was actually doing them herself and I questioned how good he was. My friend who came with me said she had never experienced such shocking service, Leanna didn't even make eye contact with her during the rushed appointment, her mood was disgusting. When picking my dress up with two days before my wedding I came home to try the dress on, only to my horror to see the lace at the front of the dress had been hacked away, the length was 3 cm too short, the under lay was seriously long, it looked like a child had been hacking with it with scissors and I just sat a cried. On calling Daisy bridal I was told Leanna was off that day but would see me the next day (the day before my wedding) to look at the dress. I decided that this was not acceptable and I didn't actually trust her either especially when it comes to alterations. I then took the dress to a local dry cleaners who also offers an alteration service, I wanted her opinion. I put the dress on, she gasped, put her hands up to her face and immediately called her friend who make silk underwear for Harrods and works in several bridal shops in Dorset. When arriving she was dumfounded, she said in all her years she had NEVER seen such a terrible mess and actually used the word 'Butchered'. The dress was a total mess, it had been cut into like an old rag and the errors were endless. This kind lady took it away over night and after 8 hours of hard work returned it in an acceptable state, however it cost me more money and I didn't have the dress until 8pm the night before my wedding day. Please don't shop at Daisy Bridal, if I could turn back time I would never have gone there. I will be taking the issue further but the stress and anxiety it caused my and my husband was horrendous and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
Anon - 23/06/2013
Staff were very friendly . Was very disappointed it took 8 months too arrive , when I was told it would take 4 months. They didn't order it until a month and a half after I did then delayed it by six months because they were worried about storing it , yet they never asked me if this was the case . Such a shame as it is a very nice shop .
Lisa - 08/05/2013
Amazing experience    
I visited Daisy Bridal amounst other shops and found that it was by far the best shop in the area.
The atmosphere was so relaxed and fun! I felt at ease and my friends and I had a really great time choosing my dress. Compared to some of the other shops that made me feel uncomfortable and a few shops I couldn't wait to get out of!!
The staff knew what they were talking about with really great suggestions. In fact the dress i ended up with was the one that was suggested for me!!My assistant was very patient with me and I didn't feel at all pressured to make my decision.
Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Wish they dealt with bridemaid dresses as I would have definately got them from these guys!
Would recommend whole heartedly!!
Natasha - 22/03/2013
great service best in area    
I brought my dress from Daisy's and the whole experience was fantastic nothing like the review below you do need to allow 4-6 months really if you want to order a dress which is standard procedure otherwise they have a large collection of good condition samples to view. I purchased a essense dress which arrived on time and the whole fitting experience was relaxed & enjoyable the staff couldn't do enough to help :-) felt like a princess from start to finish Definately worth a visit for any bride to be!
Jo - 28/11/2012
If there would an option of 0 out of 5 they would get it from me!
there was no attention whatsoever from first moment I got in, even though I had scheduled an appointment 2 weeks in advance.
Two sales assistant were interested in each other rather than job!!
When I asked them should I search they said: just show us what you like... and they carried on like I wasn't there!
Then after I have chosen a few dresses they said that it is a new collection and I can't try it on because my wedding is tooo soon!!
at the end they said that I can't try any dresses for my date rather then old sale once! when they opened curtains with stuffed dresses there was spider net and spiders, all dresses ripped and dirty priced 600 - 800 !
i wouldn't use it even for washing the floor!

It was scary experience! very unpleasant and SAD!!
I was ready to pay double because I was aware that my wedding is not 1 year ahead, but with that attitude I left 10 minutes after and definitely won't recommend it to anyone.
Cris - 06/11/2012
Excellent polite, friendly service    
I went browsing in Daisy Bridal February 2008 and found my fabulous Essence of Australia dress. I'd booked like you have to, they give you full personal attention and I was made to feel like the only bride that they'd ever seen! (in a good way!) they were very chatty and helpful and made underwear suggestions for the dress; which I ordered on my 2nd trying-on. It was put on 6 month "delayed delivery" due to the long wait til our wedding; and arrived in August when I was promptly phoned and went to collect it and pay the balance.
There was a great range of styles from 500 upwards; also limited selection of shoes, veils and jewellery and tiaras. Very enjoyable experience!
Anna Hodgson - 10/01/2009
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