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Address: Brides Delight
  68-70 Rosemount Viaduct
  AB25 1NU
Tel: 01224625999
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A wonderful experience    
So sad to see any negative reviews about here, the girls have gone out their way to help me find my perfect dress and accessories at a great price. I have had numerous appointments to check the dress was what i wanted. They always welcomed me even when i have just popped in. A wonderful experience I cannot recommend this shop and the girls highly enough.
Debbie Binnie - 28/02/2015
Fabulous Experience!    
I am shocked to read that people have had any negative experiences at this shop! They made choosing a wedding dress a wonderful experience for me! The girls were very attentive and polite. They couldn't have been any more helpful. Steph, Kelly, Danielle and Eilidh were all a real pleasure! They understood the look I wanted to achieve and were fabulous when it came to picking bridesmaids dresses too. All in all, I can't recommend them enough!
Fiona Angus - 04/12/2014
So happy after my appointment at Brides Delight last weekend - the girl helping me was lovely and let me try on many different styles until I finally found the one! Can't wait for my dress to arrive now!
Ashleigh - 27/10/2014
Very happy bride!     
I've never been so happy! The service at this store is wonderful and the staff are so friendly! I was only in the other week to browse and didn't have an appointment but the girls were more than happy to take me in and fit me into the day to try dresses on. I tried on several to get an idea and had a wonderful time. I will deffo be returning as I now after talking to the staff and seein the girls have a much better idea of the dress shape and style that suits me.

Very happy! :)
Emma - 13/06/2014
Amazing service    
I had read some of the previous reviews but as most of them seemed positive and I had heard they had new owners I thought I would still take a look and so glad I did.
The service was amazing and they made me feel special and important even though I am a larger girl (previous shops were not so accomodating), nothing was too much hardwork. They literally rallied around for me giving honest advice and accessorizing to get the look.
Once I had chosen the dress and paid the service did not end there, they continued to keep in contact and when the fitting came the dress was fab.
They really made my dress shopping pleasurable and a memorable experience,

Thank you so much Eilidh xx
Victoria - 17/03/2014
This was the fourth shop I went to and it was terrible. First question they asked me was my budget. I thought was quite rude as was only in the shop a few minutes. Alot of the dresses were in plastic bags so you couldn't see the style properly. When trying on the dresses the two women that work there were gaving a good chat to themselves and my sister had to help me get into tthe dresses. Then when another customer came in they both left me in the changing room myself. Felt like they couldn't be bothered and forgot about me. Very disappointing and terrible customer care..
Debra - 01/03/2014
Supplier's Response
Hi Debra,

We are so sorry to hear of your experience in our shop. Could you tell us the date that you had an appointment in the shop, what name it was booked under and the name of the assistant that was helping you? We have no record of your appointment.
Regardless, we are sorry you did not enjoy your time at Brides Delight - this is not our normal practice. We do keep the dresses in bags as this keeps them in as clean a condition as possible. Every dress has a picture to show the shape and detail.
If you would like to contact us directly to discuss further then please feel free to call us on 01224 625999 or email us on
Cannot believe the negative reviews    
I have to say i am shocked at the negative reviews for this shop. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience in this store, found my wedding dress and found the women working there to all be pleasant, helpful and nothing but positive.

I was not and did not personally spend thousands of pounds on a dress and this did not seem to be of improtance to the ladies. I was not restricted to the number of dresses i could try on, in fact i think i tried on at least 15! i did have the shop to myself as i went in through the week however i think people have to understand that if you go in at the wekend the shop may be busier, it is at the end of the day a business. As for having to wait 5 minutes.....really? Is that an actual complaint???

I narrowed my dresses down to 3 and was allowed to try them on several times as my family and I were a bit indecisive. The lady helping me coukld not have been more helpfule, she gave me hoops to try, shoes, a veil, she spread out my train and told me to try walking in it and sitting in it.

I would definitely recommend this shop, personally would return for my bridesmaids dresses and accessories, they are LOVELY and i think the negative reviews left on this site are coming from some very over-demanding people.
Rachel, Aberdeen - 24/10/2013
The worst    
I went to 5 bridal shops in Aberdeen and this was by far the worst!!! It was awful, just awful. First of all we came in and we were greeted by a girl, so I told her why I was here and she seemed like she had never had anyone come into the shop before for an appointment. She then told me she would pick out dresses for me and I would try them on. When I said that I would like to pick them myself with my mum and bridesmaids she was taken aback. While looking my mum proceeded to ask her if there was a section where a certain style of dress was, she answered 'yeah but she asked to look herself so you know' right in front of me!!! how rude!!! All the dresses were in plastic bags which made it feel so cheap and tacky. When I got to try them on the girl didn't help me in the fitting room, I had to get my bridesmaid to. She never pulled the trains out to see how they looked. She didn't pin me in them (I am an 8) and she was giving me 12/14 to try on. She actually told me I should have picked dresses closer to my size - well what if that's not what I like!!! She told me to use my imagination. I was livid at this point. She then also gave every dress I tried on to the girl after me so I couldn't even retry. Finally at the end after no help, no suggestions, no conversation she was like so is there a yes today. I turned round and said politely no but inside I wanted to say - what the.... I mean really come. WORST awful service. I had just been to the Bridal Boutique before it was like going from the best 5* hotel to a horrible run down old B&B in the country. Dirty, unpleasant and unhelpful staff.
Meg - 08/10/2013
Supplier's Response
Hi Meg,Sorry to hear you were unhappy with your visit to Brides Delight. Unfortunately we did have temporary staff for a few weeks, this is no excuse and we can only apologise. If you would like to get in touch with us, please e-mail or call 01224 625999 where we will happy to discuss your complaint. Please contact Kelly or Eilidh
Found My Dress!!    
Just been in to Brides Delight and I am sooo happy to say that after searching everywhere, I have FINALLY found my dress!!
After reading some of the reviews on here I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about going into the shop myself, however I couldnt have been happier with my experience! The girls were fantastic and even the owners came through to see me in some of the dresses and help with their opinions! The dress I have fallen for wasn't one I would ever have chosen for myself - it was pulled out for me by one of the assistants and after they convinced me to try it I found out it was 'the one!'
Finally have my dress ordered and think I have found my bridesmaids here too :-)
Would definitely recommend - can't believe anyone on here would ever have had a bad experience in this shop.
Cassie - 23/07/2013
Brides Delight    
Purchased my dress recently from Bride's Delight, the assistants/owners were lovely & made us feel at ease. The only negative was I would have liked to have had 2 mins alone with dress on with my family (you can't always give a true opinion of what suits if there is an assistant there!)

However I would recommend anyone to go to this bridal shop, I read some of the critical reviews but I had a good experience, if the shop is busy I think that speaks for itself x
S - 12/12/2012
Excellent Shop/Excellent Service    
I am pleased to say that I had nothing but excellent service from all the staff at Brides Delight recently. I wasn't sure what type of dress I wanted, but the girls (Kelly/Aiyleigh) certainly know their jobs and I tried on about 8 dresses. I narrowed it down to 4 and when I went back to try them on, along with my mum and sister, nothing was too much trouble and after getting my families opinion, the owners also gave an honest opinion and I chose the very first one I had tried on. Kelly then went on to get tiaras and shoes for me to try on and made me feel very special indeed. She did all this with no fuss and is an asset to the company. I would certainly recommend brides to visit this friendly and courteous shop for their special day.
Lesley - 11/12/2012
I went to brides delight and was disappointed with my visit. I had been before with a friend when she got married and was happy enough so returned when it was my turn to get married. We were left for 15 minutes as the changing rooms were full (appointment had been made!) before an assistant came and told me to start looking through the racks of very tightly packed dresses. I picked 5 dresses and was eventually taken to a changing room. I was left at times in a dress I didn't like for 5 minutes, if not more (getting unwanted opinions from strangers waiting while their brides got dressed) until the assistant returned to help undo it. I got to try on 3 dresses in total for my one hour appointment and I loved the third one but when my sister asked if we could try it with shoes was told I would have to make an other appointment as my time was up... I got 30 minutes in the changing room! Never went back and got my dress elsewhere!
Lesley - 21/06/2012
Brides Delight - excellent!!    
Contrary to the reviews I've just read, I had always heard very positive stories about Brides Delight, in fact having had an awful reception in another Bridal shop in Aberdeen previously (for my sisters wedding) I made this my first (and only, as it turns out) port of call.

I explained my circumstances and thoughts to the staff upon an unplanned arrival and they could not have been more helpful. Kelly was fantastic and gave me as much information as she could as I am on a very tight timeline. I went back the following day with my Bridesmaid and we sorted both of our dresses out, nothing was too much bother.

I would recommend this shop to anyone who doesn't want to be treated like a second class citizen and have staff give you an honest opinion.

For the record, I detest Primark and comparing this shop to that awful place is a shocking untruth.

Go shop at Brides Delight!
Katie - 01/02/2012
Brides Delight thank you!    
It's sad to see that some people here felt that Brides Delight offered such a poor service as my experience couldn't have been more different.
All of the staff were very helpful and friendly.
I explained initially that I had a fairly tight budget and was assured this was not a problem and immediately shown their range of ex sample gowns and encouraged to pick around six to try on.
The girl who was helping me with the gowns was very friendly and chatty. She made helpful suggestions and was honest rather than telling me I loked wonderful in everything in the hope of making a sale.
Thanks to her I found my perfect dress and even though it was slightly over my budget the manageress kindly agreed to offer a slight additional discount to bring it in line with what I had to spend.
Despite the dress being an ex sample gown it's in perfect condition and I was not made to feel bad or a nuisance just because I had a smaller budget as I had expereinced in other stores.
I plan to return to buy my shoes there soon. There is actually a store much nearer to me that I could get the same shoes but I would much rather give the money to the lovely team in Aberdeen.
Many thaks again!
Fiona - 27/09/2011
in responce to all negative feedback...    
I had a FANTASTIC experience at Brides Delight. I went in without an appointment initially to enquire about a stunning Demetrios dress I had seen online.

I was invited to try this dress on as there was a changing room available. I then returned a week later with an appointment and with my bridesmaid in tow. My Demetrios dress was already looked out and waiting for me.

I was early so was invited to browse the bridesmaids gowns downstairs. My bridesmaid picked about 4 then it was time to try my gown.

The staff are more than helpful. The 2 lady owners both sisters were an absolute delight and very very chatty. They helped me no end and with that I bought my dream gown and bridesmaid dress.

It is a very busy shop and you do share the large mirrored area with other brides. However, I would state that I had been to Berketex brides only an hour earlier and had to do the same there so don't understand why some of you have a problem with this???

Highly recommend. And you certainly get what you pay for.

Thank you girls,
Karen - 27/08/2011
Excellent Service    
Was really worried about visiting Brides Delight after reading these reviews but decided to go and judge for myself. I popped in without an appointment and was delighted when the assistant immediately invited me to come in and try on. I was made to feel very welcome from the second I walked in unlike other shops who barely spoke to me when they found out I wasn't booked in, even though their shops were empty.
The shop was very clean and tidy and although the rails were quite full there were certainly plenty of dresses to choose from which all had a picture of the dress attached which was very helpful. The assistant was a great help suggesting dresses for me to try and the one I have ordered was in fact one the assistant chose and one that I passed by on the hanger.

I would definitely recommend you visit Brides Delight and make up your own mind about their service. I had a wonderful time in the shop and can't wait to go back for my fitting and to choose my bridesmaid dresses.

Happy Bride - 16/08/2011
Very Dissapointing    
I have to agree with the other ladies who have posted disappointed/negative reviews.

This was the fourth shop I visited and by far the worst.

I was made to wait for 5 minutes before someone came and asked me why I was there (I had made an appointment weeks ago). When we were 'welcomed' I was told to pick 6 and only 6 dresses from the rails. This was no easy task as the dresses were so crammed in together it was physically difficult to separate them. Upon choosing my 7th dress I was advised there was no more room in the changing room. I asked if I could hold it to the side and try it on later and was told, "Well perhaps, it depends if there is any time left".

The changing room was grotty to say the least. I HATE that it is communal and that I had to stand in front of strangers during a very private moment, this was not at all pleasant.

The shop assistant was awful. Not at all interested in me or what I wanted and unable to make any suggestions when I explained what I was looking for. I was also give incorrect advice by the assistant regarding alterations to the length of the dress.

As it goes, it turned out I found ‘my’ dress there, it is beautiful! Thankfully, I have located it in another shop with a far better reputation and will purchase it from there.

The fact you are charged for storage is also disgraceful.

All in all, I think Brides Delight is anything but a delight. The experience was awful and nothing like what I had in other shops.

I will not be going back.
T - 28/06/2011
Good service!    
I had walked past Bride's Delight for months before we decided to get married! and often admired their dresses in the window! and when my turn came it was the first place I thought of!. I couldn't wait to have a look and try on some dresses!,all the staff were very friendly and helpful and made sure I found the right dress for me!. I returned to collect my veil and try on shoes and they greeted me on a first name basis!. I found them really down to earth and I felt special unlike other shops I had been in.
Kerry-Anne - 05/03/2011
great experience    
Bought my dress at brides Delight.The experience was a delight the two assistants who helped me were very helpful and polite.There was no pressure selling and i felt totally at ease. I would absolutely recommend this shop to anyone.
Thanks for all your help.
jaymie - 25/01/2011
Bridal version of Primark    
After making an appointment 6 weeks in advance, I arrived on time. Unfortunately, we were left to stand at the entrance unattended for 5 minutes before someone came over to ask if they could help. This wasnt because they were so busy they had not seen us, but because they were too busy talking between themselves. The dresses are badly presented in over-crowded rails and unfortunately the assistant couldnt quite seem to grasp what I was looking for (simple, elegant, minimal embellishment) and kept pulling out ott sparkly numbers. The changing room was small and there is only one area for trying them on/standing in the mirror, so if there is more than one bride in the shop you feel very on show (unlike other shops where you have more space and privacy) The assistant was quite curt and unhelpful, and I left without trying on all the dresses I had picked out as the experience was so unpleasant (there was another bride with two friends, two girls in trying bridesmaids dresses and my friend, plus three shop assistants - meaning 10 people in one small room - not nice and certainly not an environment where you can make a big decision like picking your wedding dress)

All in all, I wouldnt be recommending them, and would advise brides looking for Maggie dresses to make the trip up to Nairn, or down to Edinburgh
TDB - 26/07/2010
Excellent service    
After visits to other Maggie Sottero stockists, finding them less than helpful, I headed over to Brides Delight.

I'd made an appointment ahead of time, which was handled in a very nice and service-oriented manner. I was a bit nervous based on the comments I found online, which is why I've decided to review them now - hopefully to offer some balance. I'm guessing unhappy customers are more likely to post online reviews.

I thought all the ladies in Brides Delight were very friendly and helpful. They didn't rush me in any way and gave me excellent information and feedback to help in my decision making. Not all shops are that helpful. Oh, and I was certainly not given a 18 month timeline for my gown!

The fitting room is big enough for my gown, and the same size as in the other bridal shops I've been to. There was no uncovered window in the fitting area (something I liked, as out of 4 other shops, only 1 offered privacy/made sure we were hidden from street view).

Looking forward to my next visit.
Michelle - 14/10/2009
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