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Address: Once In a Lifetime Bridal
  10 Holkham Walk, Witan Gate
  Milton Keynes
  MK9 2FS
Tel: 01908 259 989
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Wow. Just wow! I had been to a few bridal shops before this one and didn't realise how different service could be! They were so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She first asked what sort of style of dress I liked and then said let me get you some and I'll put in a surprise dress that I think will suit you in there as well. Well, I tried the dress on that she had chosen for me and was sold straight away! She was amazing and had such an amazing eye that she knew what would suit my figure. There was no hard sell either so with that I put my purchase in! Amazing place and will tell everyone I know who will be getting married about this place!
Emily moore - 30/08/2016
Excellent service and advice you can rely on    
I was very surprised to see the negative review on here to the point I wonder whether it is the same shop !! Once in a Lifetime is now in Stoney Stratford and it's a lovely shop with good designers such as Suzanne Neville and Lynn Ashworth. I had been to several shops and this was the best by a very long way. The assistant was so friendly and knowledgeable. I wanted one design and she said it wouldn't suit my figure and she was so right and she picked one that made me look 10 years younger and 2 stone lighter!! I never thought I could find such an amazing dress. I left the shop feeling wonderful and very confident with the shop.
I returned for a fitting and mentioned my BM dresses which I noted had received a muted response from the BMs. Again I was shown an alternative which was just right.
The staff in this shop have a real flare and I strongly advise you try them.
ezz - 18/02/2011
Didn't live up to it's expectations.    
I had read so many good reviews about this Bridal Shop on other review websites so I was really looking forward to trying on Wedding Dresses at Once in a Lifetime. I arrived at the shop at my appointment time and was ignored by the Lady for around 10 minutes before she finally came over to acknowledge me. The dress trying on was very hurried (no hoops were put under the dresses so I had no idea on how they draped) I got the distinct impression from her that I was being a complete inconvenience to her day (despite the fact I had made an appointment) I felt extremely awkward, unwelcome and just wanted to whole thing to be over quickly! Needless to say my appointment only lasted 30mins (compared to 2 hours at other bridal shops) I left the shop feeling completely de-flated and upset, which is a shame because trying on Wedding Dresses is supposed to be one of the most exciting parts when getting married. I would like to think that this was a one off incident however my review about then on another website was removed at their request….I didn’t have much of a choice they basically bullied me into doing it. I had to provide evidence of my connection with this bridal shop- I gave them the date of my appointment but because I made the appointment over the phone I had no evidence of it! Therefore Once in a Lifetime denied all knowledge of me and hence my review was removed….unbelievable! I know I probably sound like I have a vendetta against them however I just I want people to be aware that if they reading only good reviews about Once in a Lifetime and no negative reviews, then take these opinions with a pinch of salt as Once in a Lifetime have probably had the negative ones removed! Please be careful! Getting married is one of the most stressful times of your life and also most exciting so make sure you find a bridal shop you are 100% comfortable with.
clare Smith - 01/04/2010
Milton Keynes    
Fantastic, a beautiful shop with a great selection of dresses for all budgets. Also have a really good selection of bridesmaid dresses too!
Laura - 13/09/2008
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