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I ordered a custom dress so I don't know what the off the rail dresses are like but they were brilliant, fabric and lace was exactly what I picked (advise request samples) and the turn around was super quick (paid on 22 Jan received today bearing in mind they were off for 2 weeks for Chinese new year).

The fit isn't perfect but I'd say you should assume that you'll need it taking in if you're losing weight for your wedding (I've dropped 2 sizes). I'm also going to get the skirt taken up a bit.

Important tip: get professionally measured - this is often free!

Daisy emailed me back the same day whenever I got in contact & I have photo's of the dress throughout the whole process. Delivery took a mere 3 days and was tracked.

I did give a very clear spec and photoshopped images of what I wanted as it's best to be clear.

My spec is below if you wanted some examples of what to ask for (this does wack the price up but it's worth it)

top front: sweetheart neckline with beaded detail on straps and bust all the way round to the back, normal waist line - the blue line (I provided an image). Natural fabric bottom layer with soft lace layer on top.

top back: full back lace up beaded detail to follow round from the front at the top. Natural fabric bottom layer with soft lace layer on top.

skirt front: all white full length feather skirt.

skirt back: match length in image - slightly longer that the front white feather.

Colour: all white

The following points are also essential:

That the fabric must have no stains or marks and not be pulled anywhere
The stitching needs to be carefully done
The ends of the string used in the stitching is must be cut.
Fabric: natural or silk based fabric, soft lace (not stiff) & feathers.

Samples: a sample of the lace, fabric for the top (the plain white fabric for underneath the top) and the feathers.

I can't attach an image I'm afraid but it's exactly what I asked for.

Note: you will need to go to a dry cleaners and buy a wedding dress cover if you plan on storing it (£15.00) as the dress will be delivered wrapped in plastic in a box.

If you're worried about ordering from China, don't be, just be clear about what you ask for.

Thanks :)

Leora - 16/04/2016
I just received my wedding dress from Landy's Bridal. What I received far exceeded my expectations! The dress was made with great quality fabric and workmanship. It came exactly how I ordered it. I chose a custom dress. I found two dresses that I liked and asked them to custom make a combination of the two. I asked for a satin bodice with a tulle skirt, done perfectly.

I did order a standard US size because I knew I would need to make slight alteration for my body type. I was fearful about sending custom measurements because it changes the refund policy. Now knowing the quality, I probably would have given custom measurement.

Emily was my contact person and I can tell you we emailed back and forth to get the dress just right probably over 30 times. She double checked everything right down to my address the day of shipping! Amazing customer care.

My dress included a sash which was in the pictures I sent, I did not expect it to be include, I was again pleasantly surprised. I actually ordered another sash that sells for $130 at DB from ebay, it was OK. But the one that was made for me was WAY better that the one I ordered and the one at BD. It was made with matching fabric and was a sewn sash not jewels on a ribbon.

I paid $315 for my custom dress from Landy's. The two dresses that I used to design mine were priced at $1000 (poor quality) and $3100 at an upscale bridal shop.
I will be having it altered in the hem by a seamstress that is retired from a well known bridal boutique in the Northern seacoast area. I am curious to see her impression of the dress. I will update then.

My only slight worry is the packaging. I would like to see it at least stuffed into a box then wrapped. It was turned inside out which was good. It arrived in three days without any problem. Three days from China to the Northeast! It was shipped at 8PM on Tuesday and arrived at my door by 12 PM on Thursday.

I did give myself plenty of time incase it didn't work out. I was prepared and had a plan B. I'm glad I took the chance.

Definitely recommended!

Leigh Ann B. - 24/04/2015
Prom Dress    
Very unsure about ordering, but went through with it anyways. I'm so glad I did i love everything about the dress. The quality was very good and looked identical to the picture. Very impressed will be ordering for them again in the near future.
Brianna Lynch - 15/04/2015
Very Happy    
I ordered my dress from Landy Bridal for my wedding 5 years ago.

I ordered my dress and the next day saw one I liked better they changed with no problem at all.

My mother in law is a retired seamstress so my measurements were taken and sent and so were those of my flowergirls and cousin that just wanted a pretty dress.

40 days later my dresses arrived a little late thanks to the courier company but in tact. All 4 dresses were bundled into a package no bigger than a cushion and I was scared I had no money left in my budget to have the creases removed.

Also my cousins dress was the wrong one. They had made her the same dress as my flowergirls but a different colour. I contacted my rep the next day and it was decided that we would keep the first dress and split the difference on the second. The replacement dress arrived 7 days later at a cost of AU$25.

Meanwhile my dress was hung in the bathroom. within a week the creases were gone and it was good to go.

The dress had excellent boning and even a built in bra which for my size bust was fantastic as I didn't need to wear one on my wedding day. The dress held up the whole day and is now dry cleaned pressed and boxed with no issues. I would and do highly recommend them to anyone. AU$375 for a wedding dress and 4 flowergirl dresses you cant go wrong.

If you want to see some pictures shoot me an email
Aimee - 16/01/2015
Excellent quality and service from Landy Bridal - highly recommended    
I have just received my custom designed wedding dress from Landy Bridal and it is absolutely wonderful. I did a lot of research of reviews of the online Chinese dress makers prior to ordering and went in to it with the view that it was worth the punt to save so much money, and get a dress exactly how I wanted (which I ahdnt been able to find in UK stores).

The dress I ordered was a bespoke design I compiled from bits of other dresses I had seen or tried on. The bodice is covered in very delicate beading and this was the part where I thought the quality could slip up but I can happily say the quality is excellent. The dress has a full tulle skirt and here was another area where I thought the quality may not be up to par but I figured I could enhance with petticoats underneath if need be. Well I have no need for that. The skirt has about 10 layers in total.

The fit is also spot on. I ordered the dress to my custom measurements, and again, was worried this could be an issue - on my pat here not theirs in case I'd got measurements wrong! - but it fits perfectly.

The service from start to finish was excellent and the quality of the dress is also excellent. My advice for any bride considering using Landy Bridal is to go for it but ensure you get measurements done by someone who knows what they're doing and triple check. Do not attempt to measure yourself.
Sarah Brazier - 12/12/2014
I love landybridal    
I knew I didn't have much to spend and landybridal came highly recommend by an aunt and they did not disappoint. My dress was beautiful and was not disappointed at all, would definitely recommend their services to every bride on a budget.
Awesome service too
Ronke - 18/11/2014
Lowest quality poor customer service    
If you are looking to get the worse possible customer service and a dress with poor quality then Landy Bridal is the place to go. My dress got shipped late with the wrong fabric and colour. When I complained the agent blamed it on me and made it a nightmare. I agree with the previous comment. They deserve a 0
Clair - 17/04/2014
My dress    
I looooooovvvvveeeeee my dress, I got it today ... Ladies ! i was scared , when I open the box! the dress ,shoes, and veil was in it . ( beautiful jacket was a gift ) ... It's more than what I had expectation of it ... It's gorgeous ... I had no problem ... I saw my dress before it was ship to me.(Ella) was the great young lady that helped me with everything .... I give them a 10+ rating ... But I'm speaking for me ... U can email me if u want to see my dress ...
Mrs. His everything - 20/01/2014
Worst Experience With Any Company    
This company actually deserves a zero out of five.

First off, they did not inform me in any way that the lace would be different than in the image on their site. Then they lied to me, saying they would email me photos of my finished dress when in reality it had already been sent off. They sent it to the wrong person and did not inform me at all. They sent my contact information to the person they sent the dress to, and that person was the one who contacted me.

When I finally received the dress, it is ripped and torn. The lace on the front is snagged all over the place. They made it a lace up back when I did not request any such thing. They now are refusing to do anything about this except offer me discounts on other items in their ridiculous store. Why they think I would buy from them again, I have no idea. I will not.

Please avoid this store like the plague. If they are doing this to me, they have done this to others. If they are doing this to others and me, they will have no problems doing it to you. So spare yourself the trouble, the money, and the stress.
Disappointed - 29/06/2013
Beautiful Dress on a Budget    
My dress arrived today. Neatly packaged so that the lace would not be damaged. It was folded inside out. Overall, my experience with Landy Bridal was excellent. I knew from other reviews it would take a little longer than the stated 20-25 days to get my order (it took almost double). Fortunately, I factored in the legnth of the order time when I placed my order. The dress is excellent quality. The stiching and lace are very good. There is a heavy satin underskirt and gently boning in the satin lined bodice. I ordered my dress custom size, however it's still a bit big in the hips and bust. I will need to get it altered, but better a bit big than too small! I would reccommend Landy Bridal to any Bride who is looking for a dream dress that they otherwise would never be able to afford! The customer service was good and ordering was simple. Good luck finding "The Dress!"
Anna - 25/05/2013
Stay Away From Landy Bridal    
please anyone don't need waste money have don't buy form this website bad quality and if you return no return this people is layer people please don't waste your time and money
mina guirguis - 03/05/2013
At first I was really skeptical ordering online. Honestly, I was scared, but I took a chance.

WELL WORTH IT! The dress fits perfectly after being custom fit. It's absolutely beautiful and was packaged neatly. I would absolutely buy from them again and I have recommended the site to others. Happy shopping and good luck with dress hunting!
Christine T - 13/03/2013
Excellent service    
I ordered a dress a month before my wedding,i as so nervous it would not arrive on time.I kept on emailing Ella and she was so helpful and patient to answer all my questions.My dress arrived 2 weeks before my wedding and it was exactly as it looked on the model and it also fitted perfectly.All the extras i asked to be added on the dress was there.They were very proffessional,i wont hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Carolyn Moses - 01/02/2013
I had a wedding to go to and found a dress on this wedsite two weeks before the event, I paid for the seven day shipping to make sure it would arrive before on time. I was a little nervous since I had never tried the dress on and you never know about sizes from different companies. I got myself measured and ordered the size that would fit I also ordered a different color than e selections they had. In the ordering process I left a message to ask if the dress sizes were exactly as they say on the website. Ellas the one i communicated with she was very sweet they had to hurry to make my dress because I had procrastinated and waited last min to get a dress. She also told me the dress would arrive the day of the event. Not only did the dress arrive 3 days before but the dress fit perfect and there were no flaws. I will always go back here to buy dresses for any event they did a amazing job and they helped me out to get the dress on time.
Hillary griffin - 27/11/2012
3 bridesmaids dresses arrived today. they are all absolutely stunning. the craftmanship is unlike anything I have seen thus far in my search for perfection. the detail and structure of each dress is worth well over the amount of money I paid. the color is such a tasteful and elegant hue that is dead on to the color online. I was so nervous doing this. when i saw the package at my doorstep I couldnt help but prepare myself for the worst. well i was pleasantly shocked at the dresses that i tore out of the bag. everything about the dresses is flattering to each bridesmaids body. i am a little jealous of the quality because my 800.00 wedding dress is in the same neighborhood of quality that these 100.00 dresses live up to. they are incredible.
on a side note, i recomend taking your measurements with extreme precision. you are allowed to add notes of specifications regarding the measurements. i took extra time measuring carefully and even added extra measurements to ensure the best possible outcome. they hug my bridesmaids (my sisters who are all the same size as me) like no other dress i have ever seen.

highly recomend!
meg - 31/07/2012
Like a fairy tale    
Hello everybody.
Today I received my wedding dress and do not believe. It was like on picture, on model. I asked them to do some change on dress and I worried about that. Now I understand, I was not supposed to be worried. Because everything was done like I want. The dress is very very very beautiful. I am like a princess from a fairy tale in this beautiful dress. I am very happy. The dress was delivered in 4 days, it is great. Special thanks for Chris. He kindly answered on all my requests. THANK YOU A LOT.
I am very pleased with the service, delivery and quality. Thank you landybridal!!!!!!!
P.S. I rate them 5 out of 5. But if I can I rate them million out of million.
Nigar - 20/07/2012
Expensive and stressful experience     
I recently purchased 3 bridesmaids dresses from Landy. 2 were ok but the third has been a nightmare. They got it in completely the wrong fabric and I had to really argue with them to get them to make a new one. They refused to do it for free though and I had to pay an extra 120 usd for a the new one which was still wrong - they left the train on which I specifically asked them to remove. It's been so stressful and expensive. They are refusing to pay for the tailoring costs and only offering me a measly £10 back and a discount on my next order (I would never order from them again). Save yourself some money and stress and go with a company that cares a bit about their customers, these people definitely do not. Also I posted comments on their Facebook wall and they have removed them. It's hard to warn other brides of the potential pitfalls!
Dipika - 18/07/2012
Stay Away From Landy Bridal    
Hi All - huge caution about buying from Landy.

We recently ordered a dress from LandyBridal and if you want to add addtional stress to your big day - i would not recommend them. You're probably beter off spending that bit more money and getting it done properly.

Firstly the Dress was 30 days late - ordered 5th May, arrived 13th July.

The dress was longer than the specifications - probably beter if you ordered to their size chart rather then your own

Customer service - is poor and english isn't very good good either, they may understand somethings but most times I feel like i'm talking to a brickwall. They were rechecking measurements and colours 1 month after ordering. Chris is pretty terrible to work with... After ordering I would reccomend to pester them every day about whether they understood your specifications and whether they are starting now... hard lesson learnt.

As the old saying goes - you only get what you pay for shines right through here.
GK - 15/07/2012
Very Happy Bride    
I received my dress a few weeks ago. I was very happy with the service I received from Landy Bridal during the ordering process. My dress arrived faster than I expected it to. The dress fits perfectly and looks exactly like the picture. I was so excited to find the exact style I wanted which I had issues finding in stores.I am very happy with how it turned out and the price I paid was $390 au which was much better than the $1700 I was looking at to buy in a store and then get the dress alter to be what I wanted.
Laura - 09/07/2012
Great alternative to bridal shops    
If you are thinking to order a dress online go with landy!!

after many hours of research into online dress makers I decided to go with Landy as they had the best reviews. I was super scared to order a dress that I had never tried on or seen & would not be able to see until its arrival. I had rather low expectations to begin with thinking that if I didn't expect too much I wouldnt be upset if it didn't work out as hoped. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed..
Landy bridal completely exceeded my expectations & then some!! Pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I ordered a custom designed dress with characteristics from 3 different dresses. I sent them pictures of the 3 dresses with the criteria that I wanted from each dress , along with my measurements.
the dress arrived a couple weeks ago & it is absolutely beautiful! the fabric is very nice, the lace is lovely, & beading work is fantastic. the quality of my dress is terrific. I paid just over $500 for the custom dress, veil, petticoat & shipping. the dress I received would easily cost over $2000 in a bridal shop. some of the dresses I tried on in a bridal shop were half of the quality & double the price. the shipping is super fast- only took 3-4 days to get here from china (I live in manassas virginia usa).
If you are thinking about ordering a dress online I can say this is the company to go with. Don't be scared to order! Its well worth it.

constructive feedback:

1. Landy should take pictures during the production process & send them to customers at different points instead of when the dress is finished. this would be helpful in case there are any changes to be made. that way they wouldn't have to go back & make a change. it could be done easier while the production is happening.

2. the dress was a little long & was missing the hook & eye closers at the top around the neck. not a big deal, its under $2.00 for a package of those & easy to attach. also easier to have the dress shortened in alterations then to have to try & add fabric. so not a big deal at all.

3. quote customers a longer production time. its better to quote longer & send it sooner, then to take longer then quoted. it makes people a little nervous & worried.

this company is great & they pay attention to details. I am very happy with my dress & would certainly recommend them to anyone. the cost of this dress & any slight alterations is still considerably cheaper than purchasing a dress from a bridal shop. its a great buy & they have great customer service.
the only reason I gave them 4 out of 5 stars is due to the amount of time quoted to make the dress. it was about 1 month longer than quoted for the dress to arrive.

words of advice:

-Be specific with your instructions & pictures.
- order well in advance of your wedding, give yourself extra time for it to arrive & for any alterations.
-get professional measurements taken.

Definitely a great company to work with, I really enjoyed speaking with them & the great product they sent me. I even ordered 3 bridesmaids dresses which will be arriving shortly. Im so happy with them I want to order custom made dresses for every occasion!!
thank you Landy Bridal & thank you Chris for all your help!!
Laura Farrace - 08/07/2012
You get what you pay for    
Having fallen in love with the "Carpatos" wedding dress by St. Patrick, I looked for ways to get it cheaper than the 2000€ (plus an additional 800€ for the veil) I was quoted in the shop. After reading about wedding dresses from China I decided to give LandyBridal a shot since it had the best reviews. I got a seamstress to get my measurements and sent them in, a few weeks later (after a lot of anxiety) my dress arrived in a minuscule parcel. Although it was not 100% like the original and the quality is certainly nowhere near real Spanish lace, I was very satisfied. You can tell the material is not great if you get really close, but you definitely can't tell on the photos. Including delivery I paid around 400€ for dress, veil and bolero ( like on the pictures that you see when you google the dress name), which is a very fair price for a beautiful dress. The fit was great, even though the dress turned out to be a bit long, which meant I had to wear killer heels but didnt bother me that much. LandyBridal's customer service is excellent, they are very helpful.
Whether dresses from China are a good option for you depends on your priorities. If you have a tight budget and want to look stunning anyway, go for it. But be aware that you have to compromise on quality.
Mrs.C - 14/06/2012
SAM - 24/05/2012
Great Dress    
I couldn't have been happier with my dress. Very cheap at aud $350 with built in hoop and delivered to me. I ordered in August with an October wedding. The material was beautiful as well as the detail on the dress. Every alteration they accomodated. I pretty much asked them to combine two dresses. I wanted the top from one dress and the bottom from another with shortened train, less detail etc and everything was perfect
Ngar - 23/05/2012
Beware Poor quality    
I ordered a mother of the bride outfit in february, which arrived at end of March. I have been in contact by email since then to ask for a refund. My emails are now undeliverable to that address It was a big mistake to order from these people. The outfit is very poor quality and certainly does not look like the online photo.
Disatisfied client - 14/04/2012
Terrible quality    
Awfull quality dresses I regret ordering my dresses with them and will now have to spend hundereds trying to fix the problems. Don't bother!
Letdown - 17/03/2012
Quality is BAD!!!    
I just received the wedding dress i ordered and i was sadly disappointed. The dress i ordered had no beading whatsoever, the dress I received from landy had beading ALL OVER the dress including some very cheap looking fake crystals. The quality was awful, there where discolorations on the fabric and the it was put together unevenly. I have already emailed them 3 times each time they tell me to go to a tailor to get it fix! DO NOT BUY FROM Landy Bridal!
Lisa - 08/03/2012
I am happy with my dress    
I ordered an organza wedding dress with many ruffles and it was a good choice, the dress looks very fluffy and expensive.

my dress is like a cream cloud, the quality is fine, the bodice fits like a glove.

the train is huge (and heavy, I have to admit, but I will survive it).

the only drawback is the length - the dress is way too long, I'll have to wear very high heels+platform - I don't want to take the hem up cause the style is intricate, I don't feel like losing a couple inches of those beautiful ruffles.

They made it within the promised period (about 25 days for sewing and it took almost 3 weeks to ship to my country because of the customs).

Will order a second dress for the church ceremony, will recommend Landy to my friends!

Lina - 19/02/2012
My work experience with Landy Bridal    
Hi! I'm working with Landy Bridal since February 2011, and my first order was wedding dress for my own wedding. The dress was sewn in time, I received it in 30 days and it was amazing, especially considering its price. After that I started work with Landy Bridal fabric as wholesaler. During last 8 months I helped more than 20 brides to purchase their amazing wedding dresses to. According to my experience I can just give some advices to brides to avoid troubles, described in previous comments:
1. contact the fabric via skype, do not make order just via e-mail! Fabric managers receive hundreds of e-mails per day plus working via skype. So your order easily can get lost or go to the process very late.
2. make detailed file of your order, which will include your personal information, shipping address, tel. number, chosen model and accessories, your measurements and all details and changes on the dress you want to be made.
3. take your measurements from professional seamstress to avoid any mistakes.
4. after making an order do not wait until deadline of sending it to ask the fabric about your dress. Be on line with one of the managers, who will receive and take care of your order, remind about it in 10 days after ordering, then every 5 days ask about the process.
5. ask to send you photos of the finished dress, then you can see if there are any reworks.
Wish you all beautiful wedding day and happy marriage!
Nade - 05/11/2011
Good quality and service. Recommend    
I brought my gown from Landy Bridal. The quality is extremely good, much better than my expectation. I contacted them by email and got rapid responses. Even though I changed my delivery address, my gown was still delivered on time. Recommend to those who don¡¦t have enough budget.
Amy - 02/11/2011
Highly recommended    
My experience with Landy Bridal was very enjoyable. Communication was excellent! The dress and two bolero2 arrived on time, everything was made to measure and fitted perfectly and VERY reasonably priced. All our guests were impressed by my dress thinking I paid thousands for it (whereas in actual fact the whole outfit - a dress, 2 boleros, veil and underskirt, was slightly over 200 pounds).Thank you very much!
Karli - 01/11/2011
Customer Service    
These people start off ok, good quality gowns, always the right size. Then, when you complain that the quality is not good (or simply really bad) on an order, they disappear for several days - no email contact: phone goes straight to music: no point arguing on refund - they just wont. The quality control is lacking also. But the customer service is really low. Be careful.
Danielle Searle - 14/07/2011
Wont give refund for turn dress    
just like the other i ordered a dress thinking that it would come perfect or close to..
it was so bad i didn't even want to try it on.
For starters the dress i got was beaded however the dress I ordered didn't have any beading on it.
The dress was meant to come with about 20 layers of tulle but the dress i got had 3 layers completely see through and to top it off it was torn
So unhappy, and then they didn't want to discuss a refund.... they basically said it was my fault for ordering

jessica bamford - 23/06/2011
What a nightmare!    
I ordered my wedding dress with Landy Bridal and was asured it would be ready in a 25 day turn around, communication at the start was fantastic until I email'd for a progress report the week before it was due and was told they needed another 20 days (at which point they had had 20 days!) I did not have 20 days and had a living nightmare contacting them about this, In the end I got my dress the day before the Wedding and collected it at the airport myself, it was 3 inches too long... I have to say the dress was lovely but the hassle it gave me was so stressful I can't explain in nice words. Landy Bridal will not accept any of this as an issue and although I have email'd them for resolve 10 or more times they just send the same message back which is that I got my dress in time and it was made to measurements sent, I must have shrunk... in height!
Claire - 31/05/2011
extremely unsatisfied    
I ordered a wedding gown from landybridal on 8 March 2011 and I received it two months later. (They told me that it takes max 30 days to make the dress)
-The dress I ordered and the dress I received were different.
-The quality of the dress was very poor: The fabric was of low quality, the stitches were very poor, the edges of the outer fabric was crudely cut and not sewn.
-The dress did not fit to my size
-There were finger prints on several places. The most obvious ones are on the straps. This showed no care has been taken during the sewing and/or the packaging.
-The packaging also was very poor. The gown came out totally wrinkled as the gown was roughly shoved into a plastic bag.

I therefore requested a full refund be made immediately. But still they didn't reply to me, they also didn't answer to my calls. The person that I have been in contact with was Mr. Johnny Luk.

So, I am totally unsatisfied. And I advise you not to order anything from landybridal.
Ceren - 13/05/2011
Disappointing Service     
I purchased my wedding dress from Landy Bridal last year. Order for the dress was placed in June, but i recieved my dress 2 weeks before my wedding in September. The material was completely different than the one on the picture! I had no other choice but to wear the dress, which looked ok but of course wasn't the dress i wanted. on top of this my bridesmaid's dress arrived 1 week before the wedding and this was a complete disaster. so many mistakes in the dress! - colour, length, material, cut etc. i contacted landy bridal and i asked for a refund on the bridesmaid dress, cos it was so bad i had to buy another dress (in less than 6 days!!!!). at least on the bridesmaid dress and guess what was their reply! that they will make the dress again for 75% of the original cost + shipping. they also explained that this would take 5 weeks! can you believe it! when i said no, Lucy (my contact at Landy Bridal) finally said that, that was my choice and they can do nothing about it.
Word of advice, don't order from Landy Bridal. It is not worth it! as a bride you need to be relaxed before the wedding and not super stressed not knowing when and how your wedding dress is going to arrive!
there are other options for sure! if your budget is tight go for a simple dress that fits you beautifully, but don't try to get the big elaborate dress at a fraction of the price cos it will work against you! remember, every time you look at your wedding album you want to see a beaming, happy bride and not an uncomfortable, sad bride! cos it is true you'll only wear the dress for a couple of hours, but the photos are there forever to stay!
hope this was of help
Marianne - 12/05/2011
landy bridal    
I ordered a dress that i could not afford to buy through a local shop as it was four thousand pounds,I have been so excited and they quoted 25 working days... It is now 59 days and no dress! after two phone calls to china this week as they have not replyed to the last 4 e mails they sent me an e mail saying it has been dispatched..but funny enough no tracking number and now they are ignoring my e mails again when i ask for a tracking number.. I have now ordered another dress from ebay as i dont know if this dream dress is ever going to turn up! AVIOD AVIOD !! and i cant get my money back through pay pal either as its over 45 days.
Angry bride - 07/05/2011
Flower girl dresses not what I expected    
I bought 3 flower girl dresses from Landybridal I only received them week before my wedding. They took 7weeks to arrive.

I was very disappointed with the dresses as they didn't look like the picture & not what I expected. I asked for two dresses the same size & one dress was bigger than the other.
When I e-mailed the company to say that they were the wrong size & I didn't like them. They refused to give a refund & it says on the return policy they accept returns.
I was so upset, week before my wedding & I had no dresses for my flower girls & couldn't get my money bk!
Avril - 19/04/2011
I ordered a bridemaid dress from Landy Bridal.
When I called them initially to enquire, it was very difficult to discuss the dress as he did not understand English very well, so he asked me to email.
The dress arrived 6 weeks later (not like the 20-25 days that was promised) and was nothing like the dress in the picture! The material was cheap and the diamante feature was just awful!!
I know its tempting to save money on dresses as wedding costs do spiral, but please don't be tempted, you will only be disappointed!
clovergirl - 02/04/2011
Buy from offers a money back promise if they don't make your weeding dress same as the picture you send them. Also based In the Uk ,there is always someone telling you what stage the dress is at. I used them and saved 800 pounds. Thanks
Sharon - 14/09/2010
OK until something goes wrong    
I have used Landy for about 3 years but their quality recently has nosedived and their options for rectifying mistakes are unacceptable.

My most recent order took forever to come and is terrible. The beadwork bleeds colour when you touch it and it is going to cost around £200 to repair. They refuse to refund the dress, but offered for my to pay shipping to return it and they would replace the beads but there is no time at all and I no longer trust them!

I would advise to avoid!
Bryony - 23/07/2010
would recommend to everyone    
I found Landy bridal a long time ago on ebay when looking for prom dress. Many years later I kept them in my favourites and looked through the wedding dress collection. When looking for my wedding dress I found one from the Pronovias collection and typically picked out the most expensive costing around £1800 which never would have happened. I emailed Landy through the website and was contacted back by someone very helpful called John. I asked if it was possible to make a dress similar to what I'd found. I sent images of the front and back and a close up of the detail and 6 weeks later my dress arrived and I was only £165 down from my wedding fund. I must admit initially I was mortified then realised the dress was inside out to protect the beadind and crystals. Once turned in the right way, I couldn't actually tell the difference between my on and the real thing. The only difference was, which I expected was the difference in fabric. The real one was layers of raw silk whereas my was was made with Taffeta. This actually makes the dress a lot lighter and much better for an August wedding. I was kept informed all the way and cannot fault thier service.
vicky g - 05/05/2010
Landy Bride    
Problem is, they aren't supposed to "copy" It's against the law! Anyone who deals with people like this should be aware that unless these companies have the original pattern and fabrics used from the original designer, you won't get a copy. You will get a like for like.
me! - 20/07/2009
Dress corste completely different to the picture!!    
They used wrong dress cut for the corset, so it just look terrible. It is mix of two dress cuts. It is completely different then on the picture. I`m still dealing with them about a refund. But it does`t look easy. If you want to buy from them choose a simple dress. They might be able to produce it in a good quality. If you are interested I can send you pictures.
Dana - 18/05/2009
Landy Bridal    
I am a seamstress of high quality and experience and have ajusted many landy gowns so go for it based in leeds if you find your dress needs attention
Jeanie - 03/02/2009
Excellent service, all round    
I brought my dress from Landy, via ebay. It is a replica of a Maggie dress, One that I could never have afforded on my small budget.
The seamstress who did minor alterations (the dress was made to measure) said that the quality of material used was better than some expensive dresses she had seen!
Landy kept me informed throughout the ordering and processing of the dress and I was so impressed I also purchased my bridesmaids dresses from the company.
I would recommend this supplier to anyone who wants the beautiful dress, but cannot afford the prices to buy originals.
Anna - 09/01/2009
Delivery slow but worth it    
I ordered my bridemaid dresses through landy and I can't fault her customer service at all or the quality of the dresses.

The only problem was the wit, grow very concerned that they weren't going to get here or I would get ripped off some how but they did eventually arrive.

I am very happy with the quality of the dresses and the sizing. Colour isn't quite what I wanted but blends in well and for the price they are fantastic.

Just order in plenty of time and don't be afraid to contect her, she is lovely and helpful
Anne-Marie - 02/01/2009
Dress okay, not fantastic service    
I brought a end of sale range from Landybridal through Ebay.

It was a one off, in my size but sale no return.

It cost me 369 and £30 courier service so okay not the dearest of dresses but the service I recived was next to nothing, one I paid I got no communication whats so ever.

The email hadn't arrived afetr a month so I emailed them, they didn't get back. I tried again and got quite a blunt email back say it was a busy time of year lots of weddings going on (it was December) and she would send my dress soon.

I got it about 6 weeks after winning, it was folded up in a tiny cardboard box with no invoice, letter of thanks or anything.

The dress was like the picture but didn't think much of the quality especially the lace work, it was good as a bargain but wouldn't have been happy if I had paid her full price

It looked great in the picture as the model was about a size zero, it did not hang right on me I'm a size 12-14.

I really just wasn't happy with it, it was not the one!!
Bride2BHelen - 05/11/2008
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