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Address: Proposals of Witney
  102 Corn St
  OX28 6BU
Tel: 01993 705080
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Helped enormously     
I cannot believe I am reviewing the same shop as some
If these other reviews! I was blown away by the warm and friendly service. Mother and daughter bothe gave me 100% attention and discussed with me ideas and made suggestions accordingly. I am indecisive so took 4 people with me and they were all treated very well. I was there for ages and tried on LOADS of dresses. Eventually I fell in love with "the one" which is one they suggested and I initially said no to! Can't wait to pay deposit and get my dress! Thank you Proposals!!!
Sionice - 24/04/2016
Id rate them lower if I could    
Called at this shop after arranging an appointment - wasn't greeted by a staff member, both members of staff were serving another customer. Dresses were (I know samples) dirty bits dropping off them, eventually changed in a very small changing room - had to hold dress showing my underwear because of no assistance from staff, trying to change with one dress on the floor and put another dress on in a very small changing room. All the staff wanted to do was put dresses back on the shelves. A very disappointed bride.
Debbie earle - 26/03/2016
Proposals wedding studio    
I am really shocked to read the review below! I visited proposals and was greeted by a warm smile and no end of help, the ladies asking about dresses I had tired and what style, design I was looking for. After trying many dresses the lady recommended I try one particular gown I wasn't sure but agreed to try it and I loved it and made ordered that dress I also ordered a beautiful full length veil that made my mum cry.
I would like to thank the ladies for all there help and advice and fantastic service nothing was to much trouble . Looking forward to visiting the shop again with my bridesmaids .
Debbie collett - 17/11/2015
Horrible experience     
Proposals was the third wedding dress shop I visited and after having an amazing time at the two previous boutiques I was really excited to visit proposals.

On arrival I was left to just pick out gowns myself (was not asked budget, styles I liked or what I had tried on before.)
The woman fitting me seemed more interested in a dilemma that was going on in her life that she was telling me about and did not ask me any questions about my wedding. I'm quite petite (size 6-8 and 5'3) and she did not pin the dresses well at all - they were all hanging off me! She did not offer me shoes to try on and with every dress I was making suggestions for veils and belts to be added as she did not. Then what made me even more uncomfortable was that she would undo my dresses in the middle of the boutique (right in front of the window looking out to the road) then just disappear and leave me to get into the next dress and wait for her to return.
The whole experience left me in a really bad mood and not wanting to go dress shopping again. Luckily I have found a dress in another boutique which has outstanding customer service and I am going back there for a second viewing.
Unsatisfied customer - 31/10/2015
uncaring money orientated    
I bought my bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses from proposals. When I picked up my bridal dress a button was missing from the back which was there when I originally tried the dress on. All my bridesmaids were measured for their dresses. When their dresses arrived some were 3 dress sizes too big! Was really upset and would have been much better off ordering the dresses online.
Emma - 07/05/2015
5star service     
I contacted proposals one evening via email after seeing they had a dress I was interested in , I got a prompt email back even though the shop was shut booking me an appointment for the dress in question ,
On arrival the shop is spacious and very pretty a huge selection of dresses and a very friendly welcome , I explained I have some scars from surgery and and explained the sort of dress I was interested in , everyone listened to my concerns and I proceeded to try on some beautiful dresses I was given an honest opinion on every dress and talked through options of accessories , at no time was I rushed or was I pushed into anything , I tried on my favourite dress last and settled straight away , the staff took into consideration the venue and style of the dress my shape and the way I looked and if I looked comfortable of not in the dress,
I ordered my dress and booked for my bridesmaids , with two little bridesmaids and an adult it was a little hectic with dresses in different colours and styles but the staff were great nothing. Was too much trouble and I was given advice on colour schemes that match and stays ,
My groom and hie entourage have also chosen suits and been measured , ever though they have all attended at different times it was no problem and all the men have had a fantastic experience ,
After visiting different shops and having different experiences I can't recommend proposals highly enough the whole experience has been a pleasure for start to finish I can't wait for all our dresses to arrive and get married now .
Fantastic shop , great advice, loads of choice , not pushy and very professional with a passion for what they do !
Laura wood - 24/04/2014
Bargain wedding dress    
I went to proposals as they were having a mega wedding dress sale-dresses reduced from 1500 to 150! Although I was honest in the shop that I wanted a cheap dress, the staff were hugely helpful and did not try to persuade me into spending more money-at one point they said 'you could find a shrug like that online if this one is too much'. Even though it was a weekend where appointments were not needed and the shop was therefore quite busy, the shop woman gave me loads if her time, good advice and seemed to 'get' my style quickly and suggest other items that would match it. I left with a more beautiful dress and shoes than I ever expected on my budget and the whole experience was fantastic. I can't wait to go back for a fitting.
Laura t - 05/01/2014
I genuinely wish I had never stepped foot in Proposals and I had received much better service at another shop in Witney but I wanted to make the most of my dress shopping experience and go to lots of shops!! Unfortunately the dress I fell in love with was only available in Proposals and I am sad to say they ruined the entire wedding dress experience for me. I would dread going in there.

I found all the staff unfriendly and disinterested, and sometimes plain rude. They didn't listen to my requests or keep their word on anything. I think there are too many staff to offer any consistency or personal touch to the service, and only concerned with getting money out of you. Alterations were extortionate and poorly done. Generally an awkward impersonal experience.

I will always regret my experiences with them sadly.
Mrs C-H October 2012 - 25/10/2012
Brilliant service    
I have nothing but praise for Proposals. I contacted after a problem with another shop left me without a dress 3 months before my wedding and they replied at 8.30am on a Sunday to reassure me they could help!

I went in with my maid of honour and then my mum. Even though it was the second time around with dress-shopping for me, and even though I had pretty much made up my mind very quickly, they still encouraged me to try different dresses and have fun rather than making a snap decision.

I didn't need alterations apart from a button and loop and covering the zip with lace at my request, these were done beautifully at very little cost. I still got to try my dress three times (when it came in and at two fittings to check it was still a-okay) with all my shoes and accessories, I never felt hurried and got to see the same person every time.

Their dresses are very reasonably priced as are the veils unlike in many shops. I really enjoyed going in each time as did my mum and can't thank them enough, they have been brilliant.
Anne - 15/08/2012
Dont even deserve the 1 out of 5    
I went into Proposals of Witney as I live a few doors down. Im getting married in November. I was really excited about getting a dress. First time I walked they very abruptly told me they'd be with me in a minute. Booked an appointment with a very cross and rude lady. She said she wasn't going to be at the appointment so I thought the next experience might be better. Came in for the appointment and was told to wait, rudely again! When the woman got round to us (my mum, young daughter and friend) she was very unhelpful, tried to put me off trying on anything outside of my price range and very huffy and unfriendly. She didnt offer a veil to try on with it or anything. Another lady did take over at one point and was far friendlier but the whole experience was altogether very rude and unfriendly.
Having had a bad experience I went to another shop and bought a dress I loved from the most lovely, friendly, helpful person. It goes to show as this was £300 more than I wanted to spend.
I have since been into Proposals again as it is so near my house, to look at weding accessories...again really unhelpful and unfriendly.
A friend who is also getting married soon also had a bad experience here and went and bought her dress from the other bridal shop in Witney.
....not good at all from me in fact I absolutely hate the place!!!
Addy Gardner - 02/07/2012
Perfect dress, perfect service    
The ladies in Proposals are wonderful, so friendly and give great, honest advice. I had bad experiences with other shops; as I''m curvy and wanted a dress with straps other places dismissed me and made me feel I would never find a dress to fit. From the very first email contact, Proposals made me feel valued. The shop has a huge stock of dresses in a variety of sizes (not just a 10!!.) I can''t praise the ladies enough, thank you for being great!! Xx
Anna - 19/05/2012
Wonderful bridal shop    
I bought my wedding dress from Proposals and the whole experience has been fantastic. I found the staff very professional,friendly and full of great advice. I am a plus size bride and they made a potentially stressful experience perfect by helping me find a dress that I love and going the extra mile with alterations and suggesting accessories. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff at Proposals. They're fab!
SJ - 28/03/2012
The service the girls provided was amazing. I was made to feel special from the minute I arrived. My dress was beautiful and fitted perfectly,I had such lovely comments on the day.I'm just so sad its all over!
Thanks again Proposals, I will recommend you to all my friends.
S Lewis - 29/11/2011
Proposals - Devious & a nightmare    
I am not going to give Proposals a review as they don't deserve it. Initially despite being very pushy the staff at Proposals were really good but over time I realised they were not trustworthy:

1.They gave me the wrong sized dress,which meant they had to hold it up during my original penultimate fitting. They then tried to tell me I had lost a considerable amount of weight and they'd have to reconstruct the entire dress to make it fit in 10 days as it was so massive on me, at a condsiderable cost.

2. I knew I hadn't lost weight so was forced to get medical proof for the past 16 years which showed my weight had not changed since I was 12, I am no 28.

3.After I gave them medical proof to Proposals, instead of admitting their mistake they passed some quite offensive comments about my body shape such as:"I must bloat considerably for my size to vary so much despite being the same weight so, no matter what we do the dress will probably never fit you" and, when they had clearly panicked and altered it so it magcally fit better only a week after it was massive, despite me being exactly the same weight they said: " You were all hunched last week and your arms are much chunkier now..., you never know you might even have a shape and bum when you come for your final fitting."

3. Proposals took money from my Mum for hair grips we had ordered in June 2010 and still hadn't ordered or given them to us by July 19 2011. I had to ask them for the grips in the end and it was quite obvious that the ones they presented were the same grips we had seen the previous June and not the ones we had ordered. Rather than apologising they said that they would take the cost off my alterations, which was a total under hand cheat as they had clearly ordered the wrong sized dress.

4. During my actual final fitting the shop Manager passed a comment: "You'd never know we had altered it numerous times before today..." and laughed, which I am not sure was her genuinly admitting their mistake and definitely wasn't an apology. It was more a jibe at me, especially as she tried to pass off as a joke.

5. To make matters worse and cause me more worry, Proposals told me the week before my wedding not to trust Riche De Fluers my florist, as they had a Bride recently that ended up with the wrong flowers. They made this comment despite having worked closely with Riche De Fluers for years.

Any brides that are blown away by Proposals stunning dress collection and really lovely shop DON'T BE FOOLED, always keep a record of your measurements and keep checking them otherwise you'll get ripped off.

Sadly Proposals, that cheap bottle of Kir Royale wasn't enough to prevent me from telling people what you did.
By Unhappy With-Proposals
Unhappy With-Proposals - 18/09/2011
Exceptional Service - they really care about their brides!    
I cannot thank Proposals enough for the service I received when choosing my wedding dress.

Proposals was the first shop I tried, and although initially nervous, Claire made me feel very welcome and soon enough, I was right in the swing of things.

I tried numerous other shops and went back to buy one of the first dresses I tried on in Proposals. 5 months later, the dress came in and I decided I didn't like it!!! Much stressing later, Claire called me to offer that I come and choose another dress and essentially exchange the original dress for another I was happy with. They genuinely wanted me to be happy with my dress which was a lovely feeling. I'm not sure if many other shops would have taken the same stance.

They ensured the dress came in in time and I was delighted with it. MASSIVE thanks to Claire!
Holly - 17/07/2011
i have found my dress.    
wow its 2011 and i am now married, I would like to thank the lovely ladies at proposals for all their help from beginning to end. From the first visit they could not have been more welcoming advising my about design and style. On my second visit my mind was made up with a happy smile and a hello how are you, i set about making my final choice with my decision made i ordered my dress followed by ordering my bridesmaid dress's I would just like to say every fitting we had nothing was ever to much trouble, even when my mum lost weight and her outfit was to big "dont worry we can alter it" said clare one of the owners, and they did she looked lovely.
Thank you to all the ladies at Proposal for helping making my wedding day prefect .
Anna - 13/01/2011
Great personal Service    
Having searched the internet to find a stockist for my chosen dress i came across Proposals. Being london based i telephoned proposals and spoke to Kate. Immediately i felt comfortable to make the 60 mile journey from London to Witney. I wasn't disapointed on arrival both Clare and Kate were so helpful and after trying on the dress and other dresses i actually changed my initial choic with the help guidance and expertise of the proposals team. I had a excellant experience an have recommended them to several friends and collegues. Thanks for making this experience wonderful.
Amanda - 11/01/2011
Best Service by far    
I just have to say that I bought a dress from this store recently and the service was outstanding. I have been in so many wedding shops whereby staff have been rude and very, very pushy. Proposals was the exact opposite, they were friendly, polite and most of all honest without being rude or offensive. I had no appointment and yet they treated me so well, like they had all the time in the world for me even though it was busy (and without intending to I ended up buying my dress in their sale, commitment to great service was therefore even more noticable!) I would reccomend this store to any woman looking to buy their wedding dress in possibly the most patient and frinedly store around (and I went to many, many dress shops!)
Victoria - 28/10/2010
Fabulous until I bought The Dress    
I first found Proposals whilst searching for a particular Maggie Sottero dress, Katy and Claire were very welcoming and patient and allowed me to try on as many dresses as I wanted, I wanted to be sure the dress was perfect so took a friend along with me to try on again and once again they were very complimentary and I felt so comfortable purchasing the dress from them.
Their aftersales needs to be addressed, as they can make you feel like you're in the way and I've even had a huff or two on several occasions.
Having said that the choice of dress was perfect and I thank them for finding it for me.
Losito - 10/09/2010
Chief Bridesmaid (5/6/10)    
The personal service myself, the other bridesmaid & the bride received was brilliant. The girls in the shop are very friendly, approachable, honest & filled with ideas about alternatives & alterations. They seem to know their stock really well & were so quick to find which dresses came in which colours for the bridesmaids. The fittings were very professional & quick, but never did i feel rushed or pushed into anything. The accessories available in the shop are quirky & the neckalces & fascinators we ordered matched everything perfectly.I would definitely reccomend this shop to other Brides, & from what I saw the Prom dresses looked amazing too, so I would go back if I needed a Ball dress in the future. Thank you to Kate & Claire, Your personal service on the lead up & on the day itself was fantastic.
Nickii Ormston - 09/06/2010
Great Service    
I have recently visited Proposals in Witney as i had heard fantastic reviews about the service they provide and the selection of the dresses they have. I was noy disappointed. I will never forget my experience in Proposals, the dresses varied in price and i didnt at anytime feel pressurised into making a rushed decision. The ladies in the shop gave me good advice and on the styles of dresses they thought suited me and didnt try to sell me the most expensive dress. The shop has plenty of room to view yourself with loads of mirrors. Any one looking for a wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses you must visit Proposals they are fantastic.
Amanda - 05/05/2010
I've been into proposals of witney twice now as I was told how brilliant they were. How wrong could I of been. Frist I went in with my mum and they just looked at me as if I shouldnt be in their shop, they we're lovely at first until I mentioned i was looking for a colour dress thats when they changed. Hurrying me up and trying to get rid of me. They didnt give me any information about their website like other shops nothing just plan rude. And both of the woman who work in their went behind the back and I could hear them whispering obviously about me and my mum so we just walked out.
The second time I went in with my friend who is also getting married, I was a bit funny about going back in after the first time, but my friend wanted to so I gave in maybe it was just a bad day. Yet again we both felt they were trying to get rid of us, but this time they did give us some information about their website.Again I noticed that the older woman of the two pulled a face to the younger one, even so we started looking at the dresses and my friend saw one she like, asking the lady if she could possibly try it on and the woman replied you can try it on over your clothes because I have to finsh this beading I don't have time. Despite no one else in the shop and the other lady doing nothing, so we left and even my friend said they were rude. I wouldn't reconment this shop at all.
Jasmine - 23/04/2010
A fantastic experience    
Having never tried on a wedding dress in my life, I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted. I was getting married on the 23rd December so I needed a winter gown. I looked through some dresses that I liked. They had the most stunning range of wedding dresses to choose from. Trying them on was difficult but they soon reassured me, and helped me with them on. I wasn't rushed in anyway. Then they chose me out this beautiful dress in charcoal and white. It was so unusual. It was perfect. It wasn't too heavy to walk in and was beautifully encrusted in diamontes and crystals with an overlay of charcoal tuille over the whole of the bodice and down into the bottom of the dress. I realised this was exactly what I was looking for. They ordered my dress in, I came back in and they kept adjusting the dress. They organised all of our winter furry bolloros in. They also took measurements of my bridesmaid and fitted her and co ordinated her dress with my outfit. Nothing was too much trouble all the way till the end. Even on the day knowing my worries they came out to my home and fitted me into my dress before I left for the ceremony.

A huge thankyou for choosing my dream dress and a pleasure to have met your team and wish you all the success you deserve
Kim Rogers - 20/01/2010
Amazing professional service    
Even though they knew from the begining I had a tight budget they never treated me any different just continued to offer me great service, honest opinions and plenty of their time.

They booked me in for a slight out of hours appointment to fit in with mine & my mums work hours but still they never rushed us.

They had a huge selection of dresses to fit in wih my budget and I got to try them on while the lady had patients and looked after us both.

They even gave me the details of a good Disco as a reccomendation, thats what I call special service, cannot say how great the staff here made my dress buying experience, thank you so much
A Happy Bride to Be - 04/09/2009
These people were fantastic!     
The service was brilliant the people were lovely and very patient too! My 4 year old niece had been desperate to come but as with all children soon got bored but the people in the shop entertained her by getting her to get us all drinks from the water cooler and allowing her to try on bridesmaids dresses so I could concentrate! Babysitting is definitely not in their job description but they were so good about it. A friend of a friend had used them and had raved about the service which is why we went and she had told us how one of the bridesmaids had put on weight less than a week before the wedding (fertility treatment) so her dress didn’t fit but they were really calm and had said that if the worse came to worse they would attack the sample dress to get material from that to make it bigger. When they had finished she said you could not see where any of the extensions had been put in – it was immaculate. They had a good selection of dresses – bridal and bridesmaids – and I almost bought a dress that wasn’t quite ‘the one’ from them just because they were so nice (they didn’t push me into it, I just felt so at ease that I wanted to find my dress there!)
DebbieG - 16/10/2008
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