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Exquisite they are NOT    
We got married in St Pauls Bay in Lindos and overall had a lovely day however, non of this was down to the wedding planners. I will just list what was wrong as you will get the idea.

1. We booked the boat cruise after the wedding and they cancelled it and later we found out they had lied about the reason why. We were all stood around after the ceremony waiting for the boat and the rude planners were un-apologetic and very matter of fact.

2. Speaking of rude the way Lindsay (one of the planners) spoke to family members was a disgrace on several occasions.

3. The hairdresser - OMG do not use her she was soooo rude to family members again and very confrontational! I dont no if she has changed but when we were married she was a woman with blond hair and Liverpool accent.

4. Dont bother sending swatches to match flower colours as they didnt bother and gave us any old colour.

5. Do not expect to get the right photos when you look at your CD ours were from another wedding!!

6. Do not expect to get an apology from Lindsay I have never met someone so rude, not once did she apologise for any of the problems and she frequently slammed the phone down on us.

7. Do not expect to relax after the wedding. You pay all your money and then people come chasing you for money for thigs you have paid for because the planners have not sorted it.

8. Do not expect to get the correct amount of photos colour or black and white. You get what ever they have so do not bother specifying.

What was good? Venue for the sit down meal, food and entertainment.

Basically if you want what you ask and pay for do not use this company. Wedding planning is supposed to be a customer focused buisness, organised and they should be trying to create perfection. This company do non of this.
Danni - 04/04/2012
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