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Amazing service    
I love the dresses, this is an extra for a bridesmaid and I love how they look and how Celest is always so helpful and delivery is much quicker than what you expect. Amazing service.
kelly - 01/09/2014
Good News at     
The staff were so patient and friendly, they seemed to have all the time in the world for me.
It didn't seem like they had all the designers listed on their website in stock but they had a huge range in different styles and sizes.
I had been to a number of shops in the area and none were bad I just hadn't found what I was looking for and was so pleased to find it here and be able to try it on in changing rooms with excellent lighting.
Had to wait a while for my dress to come in but that may have felt longer than it was due to my excitement after all it arrived in plenty of time and needed no alterations.
Overall a great experience wedding dress shopping.
Allen - 05/09/2013
Kitty L'Wren    
We had only met each other the day before the wedding, but had spoken over the phone a few times & had written countless emails to each other. I knew instantly that I was going to feel comfortable with her & that she would produce beautiful artwork. The day of the wedding finally arrived. As I was starting to get ready Kitty arrived extremely early, making me feel as though it was just as exciting for her as it was for me. It wasn't a typical relationship you'd form with a photographer, it was a mutual connection between two people that could speak freely, laugh and enjoy each others company. I had planned to do a burlesque shoot for my husband the day of my wedding. I was very nervous about this as I was unsure of what it involved. Kitty made me feel so comfortable that I almost forgot that I was just wearing my bra haha. It was finally time to drive to the ceremony. Kitty came with my one bridesmaid and myself. As we pulled into the church, I started to feel nervous. I hadn't felt nervous until that point. Kitty got out of the car first to take some shots. As I entered the church and saw my now husband, I felt less nervous and overwhelmed with happiness. Throughout the ceremony Kitty didn't make it obvious she was there. She didn't touch my dress or fix my veil. It was natural and all about our love for each other coming through in the photos. This was perfect for us as we didn't want a photographer telling us how to stand or interrupting us during the ceremony by fixing things that can be edited anyway haha. As we walked out of the church I saw Kitty in front of us snapping away haha we then arrived at our reception venue. It had been raining all day but we weren't phased by this as it is very good luck for a marriage. We took a few photos outside the venue (which was still indoors) then entered our reception. We didn't do a location shoot as many people in Australia do. Instead we took a few group and family shots inside and left the rest to Kitty. She captured the essence of our relationship without us even realising it. The laughter, the passion, the culture, the tears and our unconditional love for each other. She stayed longer than we paid her for and was an absolute pleasure to have on our special day. She is a brilliant photographer, that is artistic and natural. If you want a photographer that will capture the essence of your relationship without a pretentious staged event, then Kitty can definitely make your dreams become reality. We both highly recommend everyone that's getting married to have Kitty as their photographer. You will be just as pleased as we were by her honesty, loyalty and european edge. Thank you.
Anjelica & Antonious. - 16/12/2010
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