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Hi we have recently come back from Rhodes in Greece and had the most amazing wedding day. We got married at St paul bay chapel which was fantastic and our wedding organisers were lindos weddings Karen and Lawerence were amazing and went way beyond and above to make our days speial and it really was. The ceromony was short but we done our own speaches to each other which made the services. I cannot say enough about this great wedding company I would reccommend them to everyone.

Now for bad bit, our honeymmon hotel that we booked our self was at the atrium palace and what a nightmare that was we actually checked out after 2 days as we was both so upset. The staff weree crap and Nicola too! we went the year before to do all our homework and make sure it was all special. Nicola showed us around the hotel and showed us a room with a private pool and told us it was a junior suite. So we came home and booked up through first choice our honeymoon hotel. The lady confirmed our junior suite comes with a private pool. it was very important to us thats why we confirmed it. We moced to this hotel the day beofre the wedding and was shown to a room with no pool we said it must be wrong as we just left a 3 star hotel in pekos that was 10 times better. They told us no that is what you booked! we spend all afternooon with a 7yr old and our 8week old baby trying to sort it out. Nicola didnt want to know which was typical! we was shown other rooms but they were still not what we had booked. It was the day before our wedding and the kids were getting ratty so we settled for a room just to unpack and try not to get too stressed before the wedding. We got to our room and the air conditioning was broken for one and it was over 30 degress, could not get anyone on the phone so my fiance went down the stairs to inform then=m and we was told someone would come up - they didnt so after 30 - 40 mins he went down again. Then we decided to just have a bath and enjoy the champange that was in our room. We then discovered we had no glasses! im not posh or dont try to be but th was the night before our wedding and we just wanted what we paid for - 5 star! we drank out of tumblers in the end and got in the bath. We decided to then get in to the bath robes in the wardrobe I put mine on and had red stuff all down the pocket, no idea what it was and dont want to think about it! again we tried to get hold of someone on the phone but no joy so my fiancee went down again and someone came up with a new one. We then decided to just go to bed as we had had enough by then. The morning of our wedding we was woken by the cleaner at 7am!!!!!!! then someone turned up to replace our phone on the morning of our wedding.

We got so fed up that after our wedding which was amazing and was not ruined at all by this, we decided to stay back in pekos with our family as we didnt want to go back to the hotel. They all clubbed together and paid for a week at another hotel so we went back the next day to check out and to our suprise the huge window at the front of the appartment was wide open! this was a BIG window they may as well have just left the front door open! we checked out as we had enough.

Over all we LOVED Rhodes and would reccommend it to anyone and we loved our wedding day which was arranged by lindos wedding they were amazing but the hotel we will never go back to. We complained when we got back and first choice have offered us 200 pounds which we have accepted they said thecheque will come throu within 3 weeks but it has now been over 2 months and i have called several times and they keep telling me it is being sent out!!!!!! going to call again next week to kick some ass as i have had enough now.

Donnna - 06/09/2009
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