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Atrium Palace Resort, Rhodes.     
Hello there. We got married at the Atrium Palace Resort in Kalathos last week. Th hotel is lovely but itís not really a Five Star, even by foreign standards. Itís more like a four star but it is nice. The food is a bit repetitive but they let you swap dinners for lunches so you can eat out in Lindos which is lovely. We had a lovely room with a private pool but it never got the sun so we ended up sitting at the main pool every day anyway! Donít get sucked in to the private pool!!! Although it looked pretty!
We had a civil ceremony at the hotel, this was organised through Thomas Cook. It was very quick but to the point and the message was very family orientated so if you donít want a family in the future then you might want to write your own vows. Also the registrar didnít use our full names including middle names as Thomas Cook (who itís fair to say are next to useless) hadnít given him all the information.
The reception itself was at the Asterias Restaurant and that was nice. The food was good but I think you could have far better in Lindos for a fraction of the price. We ate at some absolutely beautiful restaurants whilst we were there and they would all hold wedding receptions or meals.
Nicola the wedding co Ė ordinator at the hotel was quite good. She seemed very busy though so itís best that you sort most things out yourself or you could end up getting panicky about things getting done in time. Our main complaint was the photographer they highly recommended (George) who ruined all our wedding photographs to the point where we have had to use photoshop to cut and paste heads onto bodies! This man who we were told was a professional and certainly charged a Ďprofessionalí rate was an amateur with no skill whatsoever. His own son admitted to us that he mustíve been having a bad day that day! The whole experience was horrible and rushed. George was bad tempered and rude to our guests, he did not stay to take any photos by the beach or any natural non posed shots at all. We hardly have any decent photographs of the day now. The whole experience put a cloud over our last 4 days there which we spent trying to speak to Nicola and fighting to try to get the mess sorted out. We have returned home feeling disappointed and annoyed that we were forced to pay for photographs when some of our guests had taken better ones. Nicola and the team at the hotel were not helpful in resolving the matter and it certainly wasnít dealt with professionally at any stage. No one could be found when it came to check out which was convenient and neither Nicola nor the hotel manager were picking up their phones. We were left in a position where we had to pay for the photos with a 15euro discount, which was just insulting really after we had spent so much in the hotel and so had our guests. We have complained reasonably on our return home to no success.
If we had our time again we DEFINITELY would not get married at that hotel and we certainly wouldnít recommend anyone or anything connected to the hotel to people which is why we are writing this review now. Whilst we had a nice day, there were many things that could have been better and the fact that no one at the hotel dealt with the (big) issue that we had adequately makes us wonder what would have happened if something had gone wrong on the day itself. Would they all have vanished into thin air then as well?! And left us to pick up the pieces and make the best of what we could. You canít take a chance when itís your wedding day, you only get one and you can never recreate it. Donít take a chance on this hotel they could easily let you down as they have done with us.
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Zarina and Steve.
Zarina Skander - 03/07/2009
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