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Address: Orchardleigh House
  Avon & Somerset
Tel: 01373 472550
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Wedding Guest Review    
Orchardleigh is a stunning venue with beautiful photo opportunities but if you want your guests to come back with positive reports of your venue I would not recommend it!
The staff are friendly but for the price, the service and standards are a poor in comparrison to other venues.
The wedding breakfast tablecloths needed a better ironing, the table number holders were covered in candlewax, the cutlery wasnt polished and the food was very very salty. There was quite a wait between courses and the service was disorganised.
The room we stayed in wasnt too bad, nothing a duster couldnt have fixed but the uht milk was 2 months out of date and not just in our room. The rooms are not lockable from the outside either, leaving your belongings unsecure whilst you are attending the celebrations.
Breakfast was an extremely squashed buffett affair, nobody was supervising and the only cutlery left out to eat cereal with were soup spoons!
Angie - 03/06/2012
Viewed - but did not book    
I agree with Guest 2008's review - I booked an appointment to view this venue when arranging my own wedding as it appeared beautiful and perfect and excatly what we wanted.

When we arrived we were met by a male wedding coordinator who almost gave the impression that we would be lucky if they allowed us to have out wedding there!

I thought the rooms were very outdated and I would not have been happy to have my guests stay there.

In my opinion not worth the money at all.
E Thompson - 20/07/2009
Daughters Wedding Sept 20th 2008    
Venue and setting was stunning and fortunately the weather was glorious, but the service could have been smoother! We had been allocated a Wedding Co-ordinator who had been briefed on all our plans and detail, but on the day, he was ill and in his place we had another guy, who was more like a catering manager and didn’t seem to be organising anything.

Orchardleigh have a very relaxed approach to weddings and they truly want you to treat the house as if it was yours for the day. We chose to extend our reception drinkson the actual day to enjoy the nice weather but this meant by the wedding breakfast we were running seriously behind schedule. Orchardleigh were great in accommodating this request and they chose not to rush us through our wedding breakfast dinner but it did mean that we weren’t quite ready for our evening guests when they arrived! We wished we’d have briefed our ushers more and given them a list of timings for the day so they could have met them from the door and found them seats to enjoy the speeches

All in all, it was a great day thanks to the wonderful weather and the absolutely stunning venue!! Orchardleigh could improve by employing more knowledgeable wedding co-ordinators who effectively act as “toastmasters“ on the day and liase with the bride and groom (or another appointed member such as the best man) with regards to decision making on the day, and by employing more staff to serve the reception drinks, the bar and during the wedding breakfast.
Mrs Lyn Whitley - 17/10/2008
Far from the best wedding reception I have been too    
Venue looks stunning but inside I feel it is in urgent need of repair and decoration.

The ceremony was beautiful in the Island Church and overall the wedding was a success but its far from the best wedding venue I have attended.

Food was not fantastic (very home cooked style) and I am sure knowing wedding prices not worth the money they would have paid.

The room we stayed in for my friends wedding was dark and the sheets looked dirty.

Basically the venue looks beautiful and the grounds lovely and well looked after but I wouldn't recommend it for a wedding venue!!
Guest2008 - 03/10/2008
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