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Let down    
Inconsistent service: Formal to the point of awkwardness going round putting everyone’s napkins on their lap but not once during the meal pouring wine / water for guests, even at the beginning of the meal. Speaking to some of our guests after the wedding, they didn’t even realise there was wine on the table and were going to buy their own drinks from the bar. Total waste of our money paying for wine that wasn’t drunk because the staff didn’t bother to pour it. Instead the staff stood at the side of the room talking.

Lack of attention to detail: Serving coffee but not tea after meal, tea lights on table not lighted, gazebo lights not working, ‘background’ music turned up during the meal to the point guests were shouting to be heard – not the atmosphere you want during your wedding breakfast. DJ started playing before we’d even finished dinner, then disco started and then about an hour later we got our first dance. Clue is in the word first!

A lot of guests ended up leaving the lamb main course because it was cooked so rare it was swimming in blood. This was not how it was cooked for our menu tasting and it was not discussed with us that it would be served practically raw.

After the wedding cake was taken away to be cut, the bottom tier was cut up and put out with the buffet and the other 2 tiers were left whole to be given back to us. That was not ideal as the cake was 3 different flavours and what are we supposed to do with 2 whole tiers of wedding cake? The bride asked for the remaining tiers to be cut. To our complete shock the kitchen staff refused and pretty much said we are on our own as they are only responsible for the buffet not the cake, but here’s a knife to cut it ourselves, be careful it’s sharp. The bride then had the task of standing in the dining area cutting up the remaining 2 tiers of cake. Several guests noticed and commented that it was an odd thing for the bride to be having to do herself as they things are usually done by the venue as a given. Another reason that meant after all the help and support that was provided in the lead up to the big day it was a let down that this did not extend all the way through our actual wedding day by whoever it was that decided the bride should be responsible for cutting her own wedding cake.

Police patrol through the grounds during weddings due to problems at a previous event – perhaps we should have been warned rather than finding out through other guests who had seen them and thought there was something going on.

We dealt with only one person during the entire planning process leading up to our day, but he was working in the kitchen during our day and didn’t even bother coming out to say congratulations to us despite having worked with us so much in the build up to the day. Perhaps if he had have bothered coming out to us he could have sorted out some of the issues that were going on.

All of these issues meant we couldn’t relax and enjoy our day. When we gave feedback to the venue, they spoke to the staff and they of course denied all of the above! Which just added to our frustration. You only get one wedding day and the memories will stay with you for the rest of your life – nothing can make up for that after the day is passed.

M - 29/06/2014
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