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Address: Rosewarne Manor
  Gwinear Road, Connor Downs
  TR27 5JQ
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Think before you book    
We booked Rosewarne Manor for our forthcoming wedding. Having had a couple of meetings with the director we felt comfortable moving forward with them. The truth that we later discovered is that they want your money, as much as they state otherwise they don't care about your wedding or you as individuals wanting to celebrate a special day. It was only upon checking confirmation that we realised they had booked us the incorrect rooms. We notified them of this twice yet nothing was done by them to rectify our booking. They did however, ask if we'd then share our day with another wedding party. Not getting what we were originally paying for, we decided to cancel. The company was in breach of our agreement and they only offered to amend the booking after receiving our cancelation and after sending an insulting email to my other half, the content of which immediately damaged any remaining relationship between us and the business. Our requirements were just not listened to and even today we have not had as much as an apology from the business. We have been trying to get our deposit back and after many a U-turn, game playing and time wasting tactic from the company we are now forced to look to the small claims court for a resolution.
Our wedding insurance did not cover us in event of a breach of contract and we are left feeling highly agrieved, out of pocket and totally deceived by a business that we had initially trusted implicitly.
Storm_13 - 15/04/2013
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