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Address: Proud Cabaret Brighton
  St Georges Street
Tel: 01273 605 789
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Under no circumstances trust this venue with your wedding     
We held our vow renewal at Proud Cabaret in May 2015 and the whole planning progress was awful. The events person we first dealt with was useless, she made the planning progress extremely stressful and sucked any fun out it. Took 20 emails to get done what should have been sorted in one. She was sacked before our event but we were never truly apologised to or compensated for the issues she had caused. We attended a dinner show one year before our renewal and despite lots of emails explaining myself and my husband were nut allergic and being reassured this would be fine, on the evening I was still served nuts and only due to me being careful, I avoided spending my anniversary in A & E. I wanted to cancel Proud then and wish we had. The second event manager promised all would be sorted and our renewal would be the magical day we wanted but again Proud let us down.

At Proud you pay extra for a sound & lighting engineer - who sits and watches films rather than keep an eye on what your music is doing. We had specific music for each section of the day which was provided with instructions. Music after ceremony was late- we were stood on the stage in silence waiting for the music to start. They starting playing the wedding breakfast music before anyone was seated and during the wedding breakfast the music started repeating before playing the whole track list. The member of staff didn't notice as he was engrossed in his film and when we queried it the response was - that's technology.

The staff gave our guests wrong information. We had drinks vouchers for guests which could only be used after 8pm- this was written on the vouchers. The staff told them they could spend them anytime. They also weren't aware that the kids were receiving a smaller meals to the adults and served the kids an adult plate and I later found out that adults got kids plates.

The issues we had with the food are insanely long. Firstly I would like to acknowledge that Proud didn't offer afternoon tea. We however made it very clear from our first email to them that we only wanted afternoon tea and they said they would accommodate that - we were even told by the first event manager that the chef had done some prep work for an afternoon tea already which we later found out was a lie. We were having a Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme so the look of the food was vitally important to us. We spent a long time working on the afternoon tea.
We had a tasting and the food was all great. Just a couple of tweaks and we had a proposal with all the requirements including all the food. This apparently was still not enough to stop the kitchen on the day doing what they wanted with our menu.
There were issues with all three courses- Sandwiches/Scones/Sweet Selection- lots of theming items were lost and the quality was no where near what we had at the tasting. We were meant to have two small scones and our guests were served a large scone which had been cut & toasted (who toasts a stone??). Most were burnt and some guests got two tops or two bottoms not even a full scone. It was so embarrassing and at 40 per head not what we paid for.
We had two gluten free guests who were meant to be served the same as everyone else just in gluten free. They did not get this, they got a completely different plate and therefore no wedding theming. Plus to add insult to injury the gluten free jam tarts quite clearly came from a supermarket so we paid 40 per head for them to pop to Tesco. Proud tried the reassure us the gluten jam tart was homemade but when compared to the regular jam tarts it quite clearly was not.
We were not advised of any menu changes prior to the event and literally found out about the kitchens disregarded to our menu when it was served. We were told the chef had been given a warning for this conduct but when we received a reply from Proud's legal team we were told that menu changes are seasonal and as required, something that is not in any contract we signed or proposal we were given. So a warning you can spend months perfecting your wedding breakfast meal, you can have a perfect tasting with the venue and have it all written down in the venues proposal but Proud will/can do what they want to it.

Booking Proud involves agreeing to a min spend which includes your guests spend at the bar on the day of your event. Once all the food issues had happened we were told the rest of our min spend was going to be waived to compensate us for the mistakes. The issue we have with this is that what Proud say our guests spent and what our guests estimate they spent do not remotely match up.
At 10pm ish on the night of our renewal my husband asked the managerial member of staff to check how much had been spent on the bar, we were told a figure and drinks were continued to be purchased until midnight.
However the next morning when my husband met with Proud to discuss how upset we were about the mistakes we were told we had spent a figure that was less than the 10pm amount. We asked for a list of bar transactions- which we had to demand- and it totals what the Proud would like us to think. However there are rounds we know our guests purchased that aren't on the transaction list. So I suggest that if anyone books Proud you insist all your guests pay via card so you have traceable transactions.
We had to chase proud for answers after our event where we were told they were too busy "running a business" to take time to investigate our complaints. We have sent two official letters threatening to take our complaint further which Proud hadn't even had the decency to reply to.
Proud can ruin your event and then don't care that they have. Do not trust them with something as precious as a wedding.
K Diggins-Barnes - 13/09/2015
Proud Cabaret Brighton    
I just want to comment on this as Proud Cabaret Brighton has now changed Managment and over the summer was totally refurbed.

I recently had my wedding here and have to say that the staff, food and venue were all fantasic! Johanne our event manager was amazing, she was very helpfull at every stage of planning our wedding reception, nothing was ever a problem! the venue managment and team were happy to help where needed. They made getting married in this venue hassle free and couldn't do enough to help us.

We had a wonderfull day and all our friends and family loved the venue. Its such an amazing venue and now that all the past problems other people experinced have gone I would highly recommend this venue to any bride and groom looking for a space that offers that little something extra and special.

Rachael - 26/10/2012
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