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Address: The Sibson Inn Hotel
  A1 Great North Road
  Nr Peterborough
  PE8 6ND
Tel: 01780 782227
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Wedding day ruined    
The Sibson Inn Hotel is situated on the Northbound carriageway between Peterborough and Wansford. Despite the close proximity to the A1, we fell in love with venue. It is a beautiful stone manor house with a fabulous complex for weddings that comprises a semi permanent marquee and cosy function rooms. We felt sure ours would be a day to remember for all the right reasons. Sadly, this was not the case.

I have listed some of our grievences with this venue below:

The hotel had promised not to take any reservations on the day of our wedding reserving rooms for our guests only. We were delighted with this. We were, however, perturbed to find out (from Scottish relatives)that there were no available rooms. When I asked the proprietors if this was true, they said they had taken reservations from a group who were attending a dog show. One of the proprietors said that he didn't know about our arrangement despite the fact that it was he who had sanctioned it. Although, displeased, we could not do anything so close to the wedding. In any case, our relatives found accommodation locally. So all's well that ends well or so we thought.

While I was preparing to get changed into my wedding gown, I was battling against the sweltering humidity. My chief bridesmaid was unable to open the window in the bridal suite. Moreover, in the ceremony room, all the guests were sweltering and fanning themselves furiously. I nearly fainted myself. Suffice to say there was no air conditioning and the owner was unable to open the windows. My hair and make up were ruined.

Despite agreeing that the speeches would take place prior to the food being served, the owners decided to go back on their word and reversed the order. They only told us at the last minute after the we had participated in the receiving line. This impacted on our guests (especially the best man who was very nervous) by creating an atmosphere of disorientation. Another reason for having the speeches and toasts first was so that the photographer could capture this on film. As the venue reversed the order we were unable to have these photographs taken.

The owners were meant to be responsible for playing music during the meal but did not bother. The Best Man and the Groom had to put the music on while the owners didn't bat an eyelid.

The evening reception went really well thanks to my friend who was also our DJ.

I could forgive the above as being minor niggles and it would not have spoiled my wedding day, however, what happened the next day is unforgiveable.

We had breakfast, which was good, although I was a bit concerned about the owner's dog that freely walked in and out of of kitchen (I had always thought this was strictly forbidden in Hotels but I could be wrong).

When our friend stopped the disco, he asked the owners if they could lock up the wedding complex as his equipment was worth a lot of money. The owners agreed to do this but we found that they had not locked the complex at all leaving my friend's equipment an irresistable prospect to anyone with 'light fingers'.

The next day, I found my wedding cake uncovered and spoilt in one of the function rooms. The sponge was completely exposed (the base and the middle layer had been cut in half)and had gone stale. The owners had been given specific instructions (from the supplier: an award winning cake maker and decorator)re: storing the cake but they had chosen to ignore them. The figurines (non-edible; made to be kept)had been wrenched from the cake (they were told how to treat them and not to remove them!)and they were broken. I spoke to the owner about this and he was very rude and abusive. He said one of our guests must have been responsible and that we were liars trying to 'screw them for compensation'. This reaction was strange, especially as we were trying to have an amicable discussion and compensation was not on our agenda. I left the venue in tears.

After speaking to the lady who made my cake, she agreed to fix the figurines at a cost of 20 (this was a reduced price). I contacted the owners of the Sibson Inn Hotel and they refused to pay. If they had paid this nominal amount this would have gone some way to restoring my faith in them. I think the cakemaker felt sorry for us as she repaired the figurines for free.

The above is the 'tip of the iceberg' but serves as a warning to any brides and grooms-to-be who are thinking of using this venue. I do not want people to go through what we did on arguably the most important day of a young couple's life.

Eleanor Boon - 11/05/2010
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