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My wife found danielle through Facebook and asked if she could put together some designs for are table plan and if we could have a fingerprint tree, my wife was sent loads of sakples, so much so we couldn't decide so we asked friends to help us pic, through the whole process she was kept informed and even delivered them by hand, the table/ seating plan was so good that we have decided to mount it in are house, the finger print tree was a brilliant idea and we even got the ink pads for free. The help and advice she gave us was first class and the price was brilliant as we were worried about cost, with all this it helped to put my wife's mind at ease as we had one less thing to worrie about.
I would recommend her to anyone as both products were finished to a high standard, and provided a quality service at a great price.
For those brides wanting to remove a little stress out of planning your wedding or for any grooms wanting to make your future wife happy danielle yourdesings is a must.
If anyone would like to see any pictures or proof please contact me or my wife as we would be more than happy to help :)
john bentley - 30/06/2012
Conning People & Bad Customer Service    
I was suppose to be getting invites done through danielle "as a good will gesture" and when i sent them off they "were none fixable" so was asked to pay £40 for her to fix my invites as she had to remake them. This was in april come june i was still waiting on them, then they "got lost in the post" then once "they were remade in 2 days" and "sent by special delivery" she had "no tracking number or recipts for proof of this" as she "has a business account with the post office were she just walks off after leaving the parcels with the post office and doesnt get recipts etc" yet a business account is to send stuff in bulk and i know people who have them who always still get recipts and tracking numbers. After all of this, she got very rude and cheeky providing BAD customer service towards me when i asked for my money back after getting £20 from paypal but the £20 via bank transfer i still have not got, and one minute i was getting my invites i sent to her and the £20 back, then the next due to "breech of terms and conditions" which i was not given at all, i was told i wouldnt recieve the remainder of my money and come another week im STILL waiting on gettin my invites i sent to her back. think im going to be waiting a while tbh !!!! avoid is the best advice i can give you tbh
TRACY & STEVEN -N.Ireland - 29/06/2012
avoid them!     
Myself and my partner ordered stuff off her, she spoke to my wife-to-be all the time saying that they would be done in 2 days, then the next 2 months later we were still waiting, then when "they got sent" they were not recieved and we were not shown any proof of postage, or given a tracking number to keep track of them, then she "remade them" in 2 days? my question is , if it takes you 2 months 2 make 56 invites how can u redo them in 2 days??? BUT yet again, they were sent "special delivery" and she had no tracking number or recipt to show us. My best advice, even with me being male is to avoid this person as they are conning brides all over the UK and taking your money, and from what i have seen, 1 person recieved their save the date items and all the diamonds etc fell of them and they were poor quality!, so thats shoddy work tbh. also her attitude and customer service towards her customers is appalling the way she spoke to my partner and the others that have had trouble with her is such bad customer services!! my advice is put the money into making them yourself like we had now had to do as we are still waiting on our own invites gettin resent back to us which i doubt we will ever see again !!!
steven - 29/06/2012
Thanks Danielle :)    
I found Danielle through Wirral weddings, I told her I wanted to
Use a drawing we had done of my fiancée and myself on my design, she then came up with several fab designs! And came up with a fab price! I paid her through PayPal and a week later I received the parcels by post, I was very pleased with them and was more than pleased with the way she dealt with me and my requests, thank you danielle and I can't wait to get my invitations out!!!! :)
Carol Ellis - 26/06/2012
Great job !!    
I found Danielle on Facebook through a wedding forum, after seeing her work in her photos I fell in love with her designs! In time I ordered a fingerprint tree and a table plan. Danielle was fantastic throughout the ordering process, I gave her a vague idea of my day as it was a miss match of themes and she came up with lots of fantastic samples, so much so that I couldn't choose my favourites and had to ask my friends to vote on them! Before they arrived its fair to say as much as I trusted Danielle I was dubious about how high the quality would be as her prices were seriously lower than others I'd been quoted, however when they arrived I couldn't have been happier, the quality was fantastic and I could see the love and attention that had gone into making them. They were both finished to a high standard and were both framed, the inks of my chosen colours were also supplied at no extra cost! During the whole process I was kept informed at every stage of where my order was up to, and Danielle was extremely accommodating, especially when I had people dropping out a few days before the wedding and she whipped up new tables at no extra cost! After making all of my invitations and other stationary myself I thought I would find it hard to hand over the reigns to someone else, however Danielle really made me feel relaxed and at ease with my order! I have now placed an order for 90 thankyou cards, and again with a very vague outline of what I wanted Danielle came up with so many samples I was spoilt for choice! I know now that anytime I need stationary I will without a doubt be using Danielle, I will also be recommending her to anybody who will listen, it truely was a pleasure to have her involved in the best day of my life !
Kerry bentley - 22/06/2012
Excellent service    
Excellent service, excellent products. lovely lady. cant fault her at all. Thank you hun, keep up the good work x
stacey - 22/06/2012
If I could give -1 I would!

She is conning brides all over the UK. She's been delaying orders for over 45 days so people can't claim their money back through PayPal. In the mean time she lies to people that orders are lost in the post, yet no proof of her posting anything off. If you are very very very lucky you might get a bit off your order and then you will be very very very disappointed by the poor quality!
If you dare to ask for a refund she turns into a bully! She is horrible to people and treats her customers like dirt. Sends abuse and then blocks you. A complete horror! I wouldn't even recommend her to my worse enemy
Dessy - 21/06/2012
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