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Disorganised at best, dishonest at worst     
We love john Lewis and had high expectations of their Gift List service. In reality it was terrible. It started ok with a reasonable in store experience (although we couldn't take advantage of the free tea and cake they offer as there were no cakes left at 3pm on Sunday in a big London store). It was down hill from there. They charged several of our guests 100 for an item that should have been 20 - even though we'd already written to John Lewis to say that the price was showing up wrong on our list and they said they had corrected it. We only found out our guests had paid too much by chance, when enquiring about a price match. The apology was half hearted given that they nearly robbed our guests and us of 160. The technology is poor so it's really hard to tell from the tiny pictures what the item is like (way inferior vs their regular website). The service was impersonal (fifteen emails from 15 different people so far). Despite John Lewis being all about price matching, for the Gift List they only price match if guests call to request that - as list owner you can't register for the price match (ridiculous as what guest is checking whether the item they just bought has changed price and what bride and groom would want to put their guests through additional hassle on their behalf anyway?). In fact, they treat the list owner as an irrelevant and mildly inconvenient part of dealing with their "real customers" - your guests - missing the point that the list is only with John Lewis because you chose it to be. No heart, no sense of joy or celebration. A third rate version of John Lewis. Avoid.
Elle - 02/10/2015
Customer Service Sucks    
There is no mention, they will have to order the products from the manufacturer. Ended up receiving the gift items in four different deliveries after couple of weeks
Harvey - 04/01/2013
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