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Takes the 'cringe' out of asking for cash.    
A great online gift list service for asking for cash gifts instead of boxed gifts for your wedding. We had our wedding in Greece in June. It made no sense to ask guests to bring boxed gifts all the way to the ceremony only to have us carry them home again. Plus, we have already been living together for a good while and have our home set up. We asked for money gifts instead to try and fund a loft extension. We got lots of help and advice from 'just the thing' - they even set up most of our gift list items for us. Wedding guests contributed to our loft extension fund by buying everything from rolls of wall paper, tools, floor boards etc. The items aren't actually sent through though - we were given the cash so that we could pay for things in our own time. Great online tool that definitely took the cringe out of asking for cash.
Olivia & Jonathan Price - 02/08/2013
Easy to use & stylish web themes    
We'd been living together for three years before we decided to get married so didn't want to create a gift list at John Lewis or anything like that. We were trying to find a good way to ask for money instead of gifts from our wedding guests - as a contribution towards our honeymoon would have been much better for us than a boxed gift. I spotted through a link posted on a brides' forum and signed up.

Basically, you're given a five page wedding website for all the even info, guest book, RSVP, maps, pics you might need for your wedding hub. Then you're also given a page where you create virtual gifts like "A Romantic Dinner for Two" for 40 etc. Guests visit your website for wedding info, then can buy a gift direct through your site. The money goes straight into your account which you can withdraw from any time (which is what we did).

The first payment we requested took 2 days to arrive but then every one after that was pretty much instant (or the next morning). All in all, it worked well for us because it suited our needs. However, I know some people like to go for traditional store gift lists so it may not suit everyone.
Cerrie - 14/01/2011
Fab way to ask for cash instead of traditional gifts.    
Brilliant website! Highly recommended - they helped us list our honeymoon so our wedding guests could send us on an unforgettable trip to the Maldives as well as including some items for our home and fav charity. Very easy to use interface - there's no downloading of special software or anything. Much better than having multiple gift lists!
Olivia Fleet - 12/08/2010
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