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Great service    
Today we have received all our gifts that our guests had chosen for our big day from the list we set up in store at our local Debenhams

We found the whole process easy and not confusing at all and have to say we haven't had any complaints from people saying they had dificulty purchasing anything

Looking forward to unpacking and setting up our home with our lovely items

Thanks you Debenhams and the staff in Debenhams Bristol
Mr & Mrs 2011 - 22/06/2011
Not bad, but not great    
The first contact we had with Debenhams was brilliant- very friendly, helpful and professional. We went around the store with a scanner, and were able to have a lot of fun choosing the items we wanted. They had pretty much everything we wanted- great, as we were setting up home together for the first time.
The problems we had with the service came when we tried to update our list using their website. We found that it was very badly organised, and not very easy to navigate. We spent many hours looking through items, choosing and adding them to our list, only to find when we checked back that they hadnt been added due to a website error.
We also had one or two hiccups after the wedding- one of our guests had added a large sum of money to our gift card, but when we came to use it, found that it had not been added properly, and we were therefore asked to pay for the items we were purchasing until they could work out how to sort out thier error.
All the items were delivered the week following our honeymoon, except one, which three months later we are still waiting for, despite it being available to purchase on their website!
All this sounds quite negative, but in reality the majority of the service we recieved was excellent, particularly in store, and we have been very pleased with the items that we have recieved. We also had the benefit of discount in store for 12 weeks after the wedding, and a 50 voucher from debenhams for having our list with them. It was a shame about the errors made which spoilt an otherwise very useful and pleasent service.
Lou - 08/12/2008
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