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Address: confetti and lace
  lakeside shopping centre
  west thurrock
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Money talks    
I was at Lakeside with a friend (my maid of honour) and she suggested we look at bridesmaids dresses for my upcomming wedding. As they are the only independent bridal shop in Lakeside they seemed the obvoius choice.

The assistant who approached us couldnt have been nicer; she was friendly, full of knowlege, honest and helped my friend try on a couple of dresses even though we didnt have an oppointment. However...

After we had tried on the dresses and the assistant had kindly written down all the details of the dresses and colours we were interested in we decided to browse the shoes and accessories. In less then 5 minutes the manageress approach us and asked me how many bridesmaids i was having; i said "just the one" and with that she walked over to the door opened it and said "well if you want to make an oppointment you have our details" she'd clearly done the math in her head and decided i wasnt worth wasting her time. Luckily my friend and I actually found this quite funny as i dont think either of us has ever been kicked out of a shop before - we were the only 'customers' in there by the way!

We were also told that it would take 9 months to order a bridesmaid dress in which i find absurd, the dresses on display were in bad condition and i have been into much nicer (and less tacky) bridal shops and seen lower prices and experienced outstanding customer care.

This shop is a laughing stock, i am stunned it has been running for so long and i am saddened to read so many distressing stories from brides due to the incompetence of this branch (or at least the management)

cayleigh - 20/06/2014
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